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  1. "NxQ!?" post=382558 said:I've seen the posts on backsweetening hard cider with lactose, but nothing about adding during bottling - at least nothing about amounts, technique, etc. Do you just add lactose to the bottle like priming sugar? Does it dissolve? Understanding that sweetening is a matter of taste, a teaspoon? A tablespoon? A pinch? Will it affect carbonation (non-fermentable, but will it require longer in the bottle to carbonate because you've added extra "stuff")? Any forum expertise appreciated - thanks! See, I think as per my point of view lactose in a non-fermentable, it has no effect on ABV. It only adds sweetness plus you don't add lactose at bottling. I do 1/4 pound lactose. Boiled with 1/2 pound sugar, add in juice.
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