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  1. i had already put all the bottles in the fridge as the instructions stated. should i take them out of the fridge or is it too late?
  2. as the instructions said I waited a week after bottling in the 8 plastic bottles, then I put all of the bottles in the fridge as indicated in the instructions. is it too late to take them back out of the fridge?
  3. so i followed the instructions that came with the mr beer kit, and after two weeks I added 2 and 1/2 teaspoons of sugar per plastic bottle that is included in the kit (8 bottles total) and it said to gently shake it so the sugar mixes, then i put the caps on and wait 14 days. after a few days i noticed that the sugar is at the bottom of each bottle. so i tried to shake each bottle up a little bit to mix the sugar. now i am on day 13 of the last stage before I put the beer in the fridge for 48 hours and the sugar is still at the bottom of each bottle....is this supposed to happen? what should i do? and what did I do wrong?
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