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  1. Add a pound of LME or DME to a standard to 2.5 gallon Mr. Beer batch right?
  2. I am 110% new to home brewing with Mr. Beer. I like brown sugar and I would like to add it to a batch of Mr. Beer. Can I add it to the wort to give it some "flavor" and increase alcohol content. I already did with my classic american lite that came with it and now I fear it was for no reason (it's only 1 week in the bottles so far). Craigtube did it with brown sugar with good results (according to him) and I wanted to copy it. Any comments/replies would help. Thanks everyone! PS Also, does anyone have a really good, and simple Mr. Beer recipes for rookies like me?
  3. Silly question, but what kind of cocoa did you use (hershey, nestle, etc)? And did you use the powdered cocoa or liquid. This recipe looks good and I want to try it on my next batch. Thanks!
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