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  1. Ok thanks also if I I did over sugar do I need to worry if I under filled them? I kida worried about bottle bombs since I used mr beer drops this time. Next time I will just measure thanks for all info
  2. Ok so I may have been a little lite on putting enough beer in I am guessing thank you
  3. I bottled first batch today and was wondering how many bottles you normally should get out of a batch I think I had 20 plus two of the mr beer plastic bottles just wondering afraid it didn't put enough in a few idk may be worring to much
  4. Thank you for all the info also is their a search engine yet on here that I am not seeing?
  5. I ordered a few recipes and more kegs now I am thinking about just buying some ingredients to have on the shelf. How long can you store the ingredients without them going bad and also how do you decide what yeast you would need other than look at descriptions is their just a few that work better than others? Sorry I tried going back on the older threads but couldn't find anything really that explained it or I didn't understand what they were saying thanks
  6. Just wondering I like bud light in the aluminum bottles can I use them bulk caps to cap them? Or are they the metric ones? Thanks for help
  7. I also had similar to same thought of using maple syrup in stead of brown sugar
  8. Yep that would be the one glad a know how to same the site now thanks! Have you bought stuff from them before? Thanks again
  9. Good to know does anyone know of a local distributor around Norfolk nebraska?
  10. One more question how long should I cold crash? I heard 5 days and less just didn't know
  11. Yea I have bout and hour an half to my local supplier I wish I would have saved the address to the one in Sioux city Iowa
  12. I have my first batch in keg for one more week so I was looking thru mr. Beer website and well ordered two more of the little brown kegs then more recipes and ingredients I thought this would have been I cheap hobby lol but at least I have fun doing it. How often does mr beer have the specials anyone know? Also is a cold crash always a good idea for your beer if you can do it? Thanks
  13. Hate this new format is their a better place to ask questions? I am a big fan of it it ain't broke don't fix but now u fixed it so I don't want to come on
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