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  1. I waited about 3 weeks in the bottle before trying my first one. I bottled way back in March, and I actually had one (3/8 teaspoon) as recently as last weekend and it was still cidery, though I think aging it helped a bit. All of my bottles that only used 1/2 Domino's Dot came out good. I find that strange because that seems to be less than recommended.
  2. So I brewed my first batch back in Feb - St. Pat's Irish Stout with a full package of booster. I fermented for 4 weeks, part of the reason I left in the keg so long was due to the fact that I couldn't get the temp above 65 (instruction call for 68-76) so I thought the extra time would help. When I bottled, I primed half the batch with 1/2 Domino's Dot per bottle (2.58g sugar I believe per dot), 1/4 with 3/4 Dot, and the rest with a full Dot. The bottles with half a dot came out great, the rest tasted cidery. What I don't get is it seems most folks use a full dot when priming the Irish Stout, which I think only amounts to half a teaspoon. My best ones only had a quarter teaspoon if I'm doing the math right. Does the fact that I couldn't get fermentation temps in adequate range have anything to do with the cidery taste of some of the bottles? Or does it have something to do with how much priming sugar I used? Thanks! I just brewed my next batch and will be bottling in a couple weeks.
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