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  1. Thanks guys. So the "wet towel brewing" is going on for now. In the 2nd week now. Will bottle it after 3rd week. And then condition it for 3-4 weeks. What's the best temp for conditioning?
  2. ok, i cooled it down with ice and wet towels. too bad we live in florida garage hot, rooms 77F
  3. Thanks for the quick answers. What should I do with the actual "brew" that is in the LBK? throw it away or (stir and) cool it down? Thanks, :drinking:
  4. New Brewer here, purchased Mr Brew Premium Gold Edition 2 weeks ago. started with Aztec Mexican Cerveza on 7/11 in the LBK here's the problem... room temp is 77. it is not much going on in the LBK (2 days they had a little war in the LBK, but that was it) picture is from today 7/17 [attachment=14266]brew1.jpg[/attachment] here are the questions: - does 77F destroy the taste? - should i put the LBK instead of the room into the fridge? - how long should i leave the LBK untouched? - any other suggestions? Thanks guys... :cheers:
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