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  1. Thanks guys. Awesome help here as always! Lookin forward to mixin things up a bit.
  2. I've been doin thisbrewin thing for over a year now and have made many good beers and only had 1 failure. My problem is I want to try other yeast because I think the regular yeast MrBeer provides makes all my beer taste similar. I currently don't have any here and don't remember which yeast I'm talkin about. Is it crazy to buy other yeasts from MrBeer and try different things? I know this is basic stuff but up until now, thats how I've been doin this. Time to change it up a bit.
  3. Just brewed a batch of MrBeer Sunday Mornin Comin Down and realized the newest LBK I got did not have a washer included in for the spigot. Luckily I didn't have anything in my other LBK. Woulda sucked to figure that out after having started the brewing and not have a backup. Disaster averted!
  4. "Wings_Fan_In_KC" post=389227 said: Our tap water tastes like the pool at the Y. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. But how do you know what that pool water at the Y tastes like???? 12 years Catholic school, we had phys ed at the Y. Didn't drink it on purpose.....
  5. Our tap water tastes like the pool at the Y. I won't use it. The spring water has a bit of natural nostalgia to it that I probably won't deviate from.
  6. Just curious as to what water evryone uses and what bottles. Both my batches were made with spring water from a nearby national park and so far I' m using the PET bottles supplied in my kit. I have 6 liter bottles with the flip tops that I plan to use next. Just curious. LBLH
  7. Thanks guys. Don't know why my entire first post doesn't show up, but yes I do have a second batch brewin. I wish I'd paid attention to this website at first, I reckon i woulda had more patience on my first batch. It turned out ok but I have a whole lot more faith that my second will be better.
  8. New guy here. I've been wanting to make my own beer for years. Luckily my wife knew this and got me a MrBeer kit for fathers day. Turns out Sears had them on discount for 12 bucks and since she works there, we got it for 9 bucks. I had to then go and get a second
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