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  1. It"s been a long time since I last brewed beer.I found a can of Patriot Lager. The best before date is 12 Jun. 2015 how long after this date can I use this batch before it goes bad? Or should I pitch it and purchase new product. Thanks
  2. Thanks to everyone for input.. I put sugar in,seals on swing tops didn't leak when I inverted the bottles after I filled them.I will have new seals before I use swing top bottles again! I poured my beer into a clean frosted mug. The head lasted about 5 sec. before it went away.I will pull beer from fridge and let set in garage for 2 weeks,then re-fridge them.There wasn't much pop when I flipped the lid on 1st. bottle of canadian blonde, not much pop on the bottle of northwest pale ale either.I now have 2 batches of canadian blonde brewing now I will use plastic bottles from MR BEERs on those batches. Will update ASAP thanks.
  3. Brewed up a batch of Northwest pale ale with LME and a batch of Canadian Blonde with LME. I left them in the LBK for 3 weeks, in the bottles for 4 weeks, had them in the fridge for 4 days .After work this evening went to enjoy 1 of each .First the Canadian Blonde,opened up,no head in the glass.Short time later opened Northwest pale ale with LME again when i poured it into glass,no head. I bottled them in swing top bottles. what happened,can I save these or do I have to dump them? How do I fix this so It doesn't happen again. Thanks
  4. Brewed 2 batches of Canadian Blonde with LME.Intend to batch prime with table sugar. How much sugar do I use? Do I boil it in 1/2 cup of water.Just purchased a 2 1/2 gal. slime-line.Do I put the sugar mixture in first then the beer? After I add the beer to the sugar mixture,do I mix it up or do I move on to bottling? I intend to leave the beer in the LBK for 3 weeks before I bottle.This time I will raise the front of the LBK when bottling. Thanks, Pappy John
  5. Thanks,Getting ready to bottle Northwest Pale Ale,sugar in bottles,ready to go.Thanks again
  6. Just bottled batch of beer,got 16 good bottles and 2 bottles of "stuff" from bottom of lbk. Is this stuff ok to drink,or should I dump it.I am in the middle of bottling another batch and would like input on this matter. Thanks,
  7. I like the Deluxe all-malt refills with LME soft packs.Was wondering if boosters is a good mix with this,or a waste of time and money? Thanks.
  8. Have brewed a couple of batches using the 2-2-2 system.Just bottled a batch of Canadian Blonde after 2 weeks in the LBK. Whats with the 3-4 system! should let my bottled beer sit for 3 weeks before I put in the fridge Then wait 4 weeks for conditioning?Also I brewed a batch of Bewitched Ale,should I leave it in the LBK for 3 weeks before I bottle it. Bought a box of Dominos Dots should I use 1 cube=1/2 tsp. per 12 oz. bottle? Thanks.
  9. Will be bottling my beer on Sat. Lucked into a case of Grolsch swing tops bottles.They are 15.2 oz.,how much priming sugar should I use per bottle.I figure that I can put 15oz. of beer per bottle.
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