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  1. Thanks Sam, easy enough. I guess to get a decent reading I would need to GENTLY stir the blended fruit in?
  2. Is there any way to measure alcohol following a fruit late addition? I brewed a beer on Friday, took the OG, plan on adding fruit this Friday. If I just take the FG at the end of fermentation I assume this will not necessarily reflect the true alcohol %? Thanks!
  3. "Inkleg" post=389268 said: "Ssorck" post=389144 said:Step-son said liked it better than his Miller Lite... I know that made you feel good. :banana: Oh, and Welcome to the Borg.Did make me feel good! I came home from work yesterday to find my second LBK had arrived! So being that I have batch # 2 Bewitched straight up 2 weeks in fermenting, today I brewed up batch # 3 Abbey Dubbel recipe. Figure it will be cool to compare the 2... I'll Check out the links, thanks guys!
  4. Long time beer drinker but brand new brewer! I won a Mr. Beer kit in a raffle back in April and fired it up that weekend. Brewed Classic American Light. I had dug around on the forums after brew day and decided to use the 3/4 method. Well that didn't quite work out - popped 2 after 2 weeks bottled, still a bit cidery. Did 2 bottles a week later and they had really mellowed out. Did the last 4 bottles with my step-son a week and a half later (4.5 weeks in bottles) and they were pretty dang good! Step-son said liked it better than his Miller Lite... So now have a Bewitched almost 2 weeks in the keg, and loaded up on the Recipe sale with enough stuff to keep me busy awhile. And added a second keg! Really looking forward to the next batch!
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