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  1. Samueld; I am not using spent grains. They are left over from another brew. Save the Centennial and Cascade for another brew? Thanks; Bill
  2. I have a Mr. Beer Blonde Ale kit. I can extract, 1 bag booster, and yeast under lid. I will have some Cara-pils, Vienna, and Crystal 10L left from my Centennial Blonde. I also have some Centennial and Cascade hops left as well. I will have half a pound of each grain and half an ounce of each hop left. My question is: How would you modify the recipe with these ingredients? Or should I wait until I place an other order and get more grain? Thanks; Bill Thanks; Bill
  3. I have been reading alot and thankful for all the tips, Bill
  4. I have been doing that. Looking at several recipes that come with multiple cans of HME. I will order some pale and smooth DME also. Thinking about skipping the keg on this order and getting a hydrometer instead. I have 2 lbks now. I eventually want 5-6. I have a mini fridge for lagers but am picking up a full size fridge this weekend.
  5. I like balanced ales,smooth lagers, and an occasional stout.
  6. I did a search under basic recipes before posting this thread. I did not find much. I was looking for a basic recipe that replaces the booster and how it turned out.
  7. The booster is fine. Through reading many of the posts here, majority state to replace the booster. I figure I can order something to replace the booster when I place my order. Just not sure what to replace it with.
  8. I still have a Cooper Blonde refill from my deluxe kit. Should I brew as is or replace the booster? I am placing an order this week. Thank you in advance. Bill
  9. Thanks for the tip. By soon I meant 5-6 weeks. I am looking at ordering 3 refills and 2 lbks. If all goes to plan, I will have a short medium and long finish beer setup. I have not picked anything yet. I know I am getting an Oktoberfest for the medium beer. Looking for a Christmas time beer for the long finish beer and not sure what to do for a quick brew beer.
  10. Thanks guys. Will post again once I order.
  11. I found the forum link when I came to see the sale. I think I am going to get Oktoberfest for the fall. Still looking through recipes for something to drink soon.
  12. No worries. I will just keep an eye on this thread.
  13. Beaufort SC here. Looking to start a fall recipe. Also interested in a SC group or beerfest for the fall or spring. Bill
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