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  1. Hi, I too like mr. Beer products and have brewed 34 different recipes using nothing but mr beer products. I endorse Mr. Beer also and make great tasting beer from all their products. I use nothing but their fermenter and yeast and their different recipes. EVERY beer I have made tasted great. I let all my beer ferment 3 weeks and bottle using sugar cubes into PET Mr. beer bottles and have drank 3 year old beer in theses bottles and they were still great.
  2. Hi I have 4 cans of strawberries that are whole and in a can. i have wcpa,enb,October fest vienna lager and irish stout and sticky wicket and witty monk any ideas on a good light strawberry taste beer using these recipes? Any ideas whould be greatly appreciated Thanks
  3. Hi, i decided to use what i had on hand (all expired stuff) went with: 1 can of he Linebacker Doppel Bock 1 bag of old booster 1 can of red raspberrys 12 packet of old saaze hopps frozen used under the lid mr beer yeast all mixed up and look really good and smelled yum yum. will ferment 3 weeks at 68 in basement mr beer can of linebacker expired 1 year ago.red respberrys expired 1 year ago
  4. Hi. I have an old Mr. Beer Linebacker Doppel Bock and want to make a brew with it. Any suggestions on a recipe? Thanks, Dudley
  5. Hi, I too have a bunch of mr beer recipes expired and will use them up. none are more than a year expired
  6. Hi, Im back after a 3 year absence due to health resons and wish to start brewing again. I have many old Mr. Beer recipes and want to use them up.
  7. Hi , Welcome drink it now so you have a good basis to test against a 3 week bottle that fermented for 3 weeks Cheers Dudley
  8. Hi, My sons said to me the other day that they cant beleive all the use I have gotten outa the Mr Beer Premium kit they gave me on fathers day 2010. Titmouse Brewery and still brewing. Dudley
  9. Hi, Do you still have to sanitize that can opener dudley
  10. Hi, Welcome and you now have the BEST company behind your brewing. Dudley
  11. Hi Mr Beer, Love your beer! I just ordered my refills what a great price! Cant pass that sale up Thanks for the great product and support Dudley
  12. Hi, I think Yeast is very hardy and can last for years. Dudley
  13. Hi, My 2 cents worth. I would say after adding conditioning sugars then left in the bottle for 1 month. I only leave my conditioning bottles in a special box for the First 2 weeks to prevent any possible bombs. and then on a shelf . I Have never had a BOMB. Dudley
  14. Did Mr Beer do away with the brewer of the month?
  15. Hi, I have 39 brewes with oet bottles and caps reused several times. Bought a bottling wand a year ago and never used it. Just fill to about 2 inches from top without wand and great beer using ALWAYS 3-2-2 on all brews. Great beer no problems and LOVE BOTTLINg its my thing Dudley
  16. Hi, I brewed it last November. I used too much saffron and it carried through pertty strong. But It was an awesome beer. easy on saffron Dudley
  17. Hi, That sounds like a good plan doit Cheers Dudley
  18. Hi, My 2 cents I have 4 mr. beer kegs Dudley
  19. Thanks PackerDuf, I have always had faith in the Browns but it is getting tuougher and tougher? And Im getting older and older. Good luck to the Pack this year Dud
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