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  1. The Facebook Group is to help new users connect and share their brewing experiences. We want the group to be an inviting place where questions get answered. We do not want to link out and take people away from the group to go find the answers. If you are going to post links that just go back to the community page that is not what the group is for. Everyone is welcomed to join the group but it is serving a different purpose than the community.
  2. I have not tried that before nor do I have any advise for you but if it does work it sounds like it could be good!
  3. I would do the basement for 4 weeks as well! That is a good temp to let it sit at for a while.
  4. Sweet!! That is good to hear! I do the same thing for the summer time as well it is a good cheap way to keep the temperature down.
  5. You should be fine, you will just have a Cherry Amber Ale it should turn out fine though, you will get beer no matter what! So that is good. You can brew the Bavarian by its self and it will be fine, it just wont have that little bit extra that you get with the deluxe refill is all. But in the end you will have beer and that is all that matters!
  6. It does help bring out the flavor, I think it would be a good tweak for that It really improves the flavor cooking vs. not cooking.
  7. Sweet! I would not worry you will be fine. I have made some 5 gallon batches and it looked like the yeast exploited all over the fermenter.
  8. +1 you can double up on the extract no problem and you can pitch both packets of yeast.
  9. I actually baked the pumpkin in the oven, I think it was about 350 for 40 minutes, then I let it cool down to room temperature then just drop it in very slowly. Just like the Mr. Beer Pumpkin Rising Recipe.
  10. Let us know, once it is all done. That seems like it could be a good one, I might have to make it.
  11. Hope it all goes well! I cant wait to do mine, just need to get more space hopefully by the end of the year!
  12. I have made one with adding it up front and adding it in late, I like the late one better. It had a little more of that pumpkin flavor to it than the other one did.
  13. That happens, no worries, you will be fine! Just let it do its thing
  14. The shipping is $7.95 we had an issue with the computer settings but we fixed it so it will let you do it for $7.95 now.
  15. +1 to room temp! The more time the better!
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