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  1. So my "Christmas" cider is really going to be a "St Patricks Day" cider. Oh well Thanks for the advice!!
  2. I'm putting down a 1st attempt at cider today and was wondering if the reccommended timing would be the same as for the ales (ie "3-4-3") Thanks!
  3. I'm pretty new to the group (just starting work on batch 9) and just had a moment that made me realize just how addicted I've become: When I buy beer at the store I make sure it's a brown pry- off and have picked beers based on how eazy I think the lable will soak off. Any hope or am I a goner? Cheers.
  4. Great suggestions and thanks for the education!
  5. I had a similar thought about using maple sugar in a CAL batch. Any thoughts? Cheers!
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