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  1. Thanks for all of the replies and tips! Based on what I have read so far, this is a great beer community! Very helpful, indeed. I went ahead and start batch 3 and 4. I went with the Irish Stout and Aztec Mexican Cerveza. Even though I have just started, I learned a few things from the first two batches that made this go-round much smoother. I am going to go ahead and let these 2 LBKs ferment a bit longer prior to bottling/conditioning. I may start looking closer at the various methods of adding the sugar and bottling the beer. Baby steps for now... Thanks again for all of the replies and tips!! I'll update the group on how things turn out in a few weeks... In the meantime... Start another keg? Hmm....
  2. Hello from Southeast Michigan! After thinking about brewing my own beer for years, I decided to treat myself to a Mr Beer Premium and Deluxe kit for my birthday last month. I was anxious to start down the path of brewing my own beer... My first two batches were Czech PIlsner and a batch of Diablo IPA. After letting them ferment for about 2.5 weeks, I bottled them last night. After bottling and labeling, I placed the bottles in the box that the bottles were shipped in to condition. Is there an issue with doing it this way? I know that the instructions say to let the bottles set for a week out of direct light. Just not sure if keeping them in a box will do any harm... My plan is to keep them in the box for a week or so and then to the fridge for a few weeks. I pretty much followed the instructions that came with the kits and all seems to be ok so far... The only potential mistake that I made was uncovered during my time with the instructional video (that I watched AFTER I had already started fermenting my first two batches)... In the video it specifically states NOT to use distilled water. Of course distilled water is exactly what I used... I am not sure of the repercussions of brewing with distilled water. but I guess we shall see! Although I am not even sure how my first two batches will ultimately turn out, I am now ready to get started on my next batch... I purchased 4 refills, in addition to the two that came with the Premium kit. (I only have enough bottles for three batches at this time.) The kits that I have are St. Patrick's Irish Stout, Aztec Mexican Cerveza, Patriot Lager, and Classic American Light. I was kind of leaning towards the Irish Stout, but am up for suggestions from the community. I am looking forward to reading through the discussion forums to discover more tips and tricks from the community! Thanks, Tony
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