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  1. I'm doubtful I'm going to get the hoped for 7.9% ABV....What do you suppose the final gravity will be?
  2. Perfect answers everyone. Thanks for the help. I did buy the hydrometer and will to initial and follow up measurements from now on. Even though it takes some of the beer away from the bottles , it does seem like a better idea than just tasting it, for me. Since I don't know what I'm tasting yet, I don't exactly know "sweet" from just "flat beer."
  3. Wow, Oly, thanks. I am using Mr. Beer equipment and like it as a beginner. I am also going to some courses at Northern Brewer here in Mpls. Today's course there was way over my head: Big Beers (High alcohol). But what I did pick up was the focus on Gravity measurements. When I read these discussion forums I am not reading a lot about gravity here. Is gravity more for advanced brewing? PS, Oly, I do have an extra bag of Booster here to use. I could do that.
  4. Any issues using the same yeast, if additional malt extracts are added in the quantities you suggest?
  5. Using the Mr. Beer refill kit, what is the best way to pump up the abv? 3.7 is a little low, but I don't want to mess up the yeast. New brewer here...learning from mistakes....
  6. I brewed a batch of this 4 days ago. It has been in a 64-69 degree (usually 66-67) environment. I was expecting lots of bubbles and activity by today, but all I see is the hop sack floating on top and a few small yeast (?) colonies. The brew is cloudy. I assume everything is fine, but if it is supposed to be bubbling and having a party in there, it's a very low key party!! Maybe it's the yeast. Is that a more slow acting yeast due to all the sugars that are in there? This is only my 4th batch of beer, so a novice I am.
  7. Wait, I'm confused again. Should I just let them all condition for 4 weeks or so, then put them in the fridge? Is there any reason to put that cloudy bottle in the fridge now?
  8. Okay, super. I will let them sit at 70 degrees or so for 2 weeks and then put them in the fridge for a few more weeks. I look forward to having a sip of my first batch of beer! It was clear and tasted okay before bottling!
  9. I just bottled my first batch of beer. It is Octoberfest. The first 7 liters were clear, but the last was cloudy due the the residue in the keg and having to tip it forward to get a full bottle. Will it clear up? Will it taste okay?
  10. First post here.... I have a batch of Defibrillator Dopplebock fermenting for about a week now. It's my first batch of any beer ever! There was a lot of activity initially and that has calmed down. The residue from the most active days obscures my view of the liquid in the keg. I'm going to assume that after 16 days, when I plan to bottle, the liquid will be ready to go. I'll taste it to make sure, but does anybody else have other ideas or advice? Also, I have the liter plastic bottles for bottling, but should I get some glass 16 oz bottles for this higher alcohol brew? Thanks!!
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