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  1. Finding out that the MB booster is nothing more than 2 cups of corn sugar, how much DME would be used to replace it, and what type of DME for the Mexican Cervesa?
  2. Would a good rule of thumb for when the fermentation is done be when no more C02 is being produced?
  3. Jim, since you seem to have a solid system, why are there soo many variables. Mr. Beer tells you two in the fermenter, two in the bootle for carb and two weeks in the fridge to condition. Now im hearing 3 weeks to ferment, 4 weeks to carb. I watched this guy on youtube called Craigtube, he's easy to understand, but I wanna know what you really think. Im soo lost right now, I have two Mr. Beer fermenters and tomorrow ( 8/17/13) it will be two weeks. The other is two weeks the following Sat. The one tomorrow has no bubbles or any of the white stuff from b4 on top. I kinda want to take it out and cold crash it for (how many days) and then bottle. Give it to me straight.
  4. did you cold crash it from the fermenter b4 bottling
  5. As I am a novice at this and just finding out about cold crashing, how is removing as much yeast as possible going to help when its time for the priming sugar/bottling phase?
  6. You would be pissed off to, just like the roach, if you were stuck in a can of Keystone Light.
  7. One of the other newbies said that he was cold crashing and then bottling. I think I just drifted off the paved road and now its dirt, lol. Is he saying that after two weeks fermenting, he puts his fermenter in to the fridge (for how long) and then bottles. Why am I thinking about the 2, 2 and 2 rule. Im going to need the cable and wench to get me from off the ledge.
  8. You said that you were in agreement with RickBeer but he said to use a 1/2 lb of LME and you said DME. Now im confused :....(
  9. Brown sugar being made from Molassis might just be alright. Just make sure the pancakes are ready at the same time for this new syrup, lol
  10. When I made my first batch of West Coast Ale, it came with a bag called Booster or Alcohol Booster. Now I have a can of the Mexican Cervesa and I saw in the recipes section, a recipe that calls for booster. Is this just pure sugar? If so, does anyone know how much is in the bag? I dont need to purchase the recipe kit because I have everything else required. FYI, it is that Chili- Lime recipe.
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