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  1. Thanks for the input... I'll probably brew close to "as is" I don't think I'll do as many jalapenos as it calls for as some on the MB site have said made it too spicy for their taste. I'll look to modify on second batch if I like it.
  2. First off, new to brewing and the forums. Czech Pilsner is bottled and priming and now I'm 2+ weeks into my second brew which I chose the Raspberry Wheat. I followed the instruction on pureeing the fruit and syrup together, but there was no mentioning of straining the seeds out before adding to the wort. I plan on cold crashing the in the refridge 2 days before bottling... will this help the seeds settle or should I look to try to strain (with sanitized strainer) while bottling to avoid seeds? Next time I should probably strain the seeds before adding to wort, correct? Either right away or 7 days in from what I'm readying.
  3. First off, new to brewing. Has anyone brewed this before? I'm thinking about using Chipotle Tabasco sauce instead of fresh Jalapenos for a little bit of a smokey flavor. (and also not having to guess the heat of each jalapeno)..... Any thoughts?
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