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  1. Welcome to the forums! Everything looks fine! As a fairly new brewer myself I know it looks kinda scary, like a science project gone wrong. The guys on this forum are great, they've given me quite an education in a short time. What I've learned includes to ignore the times in the instructions. As a rule of thumb I now ferment at least 3 weeks, bottle condition at room temperature at least 3 weeks. I also have surmised, maybe wrongly, that the darker or higher ABV brews need longer bottle conditioning. The biggest thing I have learned is that in home brewing patience is a virtue!. It may be hard, but the results are worth it!
  2. Welcome to the forum! As a new brewer myself I have found great advise in these forums. The guys on here are great! I have now brewed 7 batches of various types, I always use cold water right out of the tap and have had great results. I don't see the need for any special water or refrigeration. The key I've found is sanitizing anything that comes in contact with the water or mixture. I have also learned to ignore the times in the instructions, thanks to advice from the experienced brewers here. My current rule of thumb is 3 weeks in the fermenter, then at least 3 weeks in the bottles at room temperature. A basement is usually ideal for both fermenting and bottle conditioning, mine is usually around 68 to 70 degrees year round. As I was told when I first joined this community, patience is the key! I know it's hard, but the results are worth it!
  3. Hi guys- Just brewed this up over the weekend. Followed the directions as usual, even rehydrated the yeast as directed. I put the LBK in the basement and left it alone. When I went down to the basement (maybe 18 hours later) I discovered a mess! The LBK had overflowed as if the yeast had created a keg bomb! I cleaned up the mess and left it alone. When i checked it later it had not overflowed any more and the contents of the LBK seemed to have settled down. It looks to be fine right now, 3 days later. Anybody have an idea what happened? Was the yeast still too warm? I did try to acclimate the yeast by adding some of the wort in small doses before adding it....
  4. I purchased an extra LBK for batch priming, it works great. Plus it never hurts to have a spare around.
  5. Thanks guys! RickBeer I'll try your suggestion! It's only been 3 weeks. Should I give it another week or two?
  6. Just added it to add the apple flavor. Being baby food it's pure apple puree with no sugar or anything else added. Same with the cinnamon sticks, just pure cinnamon with no sugar or chemicals. I guess it is an apple ale then.
  7. Thanks guys for all the advice. I ended up adding about 3 TBL's of double strength vanilla extract while batch priming. I'm enjoying them now! A nice subtle vanilla flavor in the background. For my next CAL batch I added 4 small jars of apple baby food and four cinnamon sticks to the mix. It's been fermenting for 3 weeks and just took a taste. Great! Will batch prime and bottle it this weekend. This is fun!
  8. Hello again guys! Really need your help here. Novice brewer here not sure of the science of brewing so please bear with me... Brewed my batch of Pumpkin Weissbier 3 weeks ago today. This evening I drew out a few ounces to take a taste. It was cloudy and full of bits of pumpkin. I followed the recipe exactly with maybe one fatal flaw. I used almost a full 15oz can of pumpkin instead of the 10oz the recipe called for. MNore is better, right, lol. I also left in the cheesecloth sack of mulling spices since the recipe didn't say to remove it. Did I screw this up beyond repair? The taste was actually not bad, quite good infact, despite the clumps of pumpkin..... BTW, there is a huge glob of what looks to be pumpkin floating on the top, with stalactytes hanging down..... So my questions are- Do i add more yeast to digest the pumpkin further? If so, how do I add the yeast? Do I just be patient for a week or two longer? Can I strain the pumpkin bits during the bottling process? Or do I just flush the whole thing as a failed batch? Thanks guys!
  9. Hello all! New brewer here. Thanks to everyone that contributes to this board! I have learned so much from all of you! I will be batch priming my first ever batch of CAL this weekend. Using the advice from everyone here, I let it ferment for 3 weeks. Will be bottling into the half-litre bottles I purchased here and let sit for 2 or 3 more weeks, then will refrigerate for at least a week, maybe two. Am I on the right track? Thanks!
  10. Hi folks, new to this, so please bear with me! I bought 3 Mr Beer kits with the CAL for $9.95 ea. Quite a deal huh!? Will be batch priming and bottling my first batch this weekend. So excited! So now I have two more complete kits ready to go, and was thinking I might shake it up a bit and experiment with a little flavor. My initial thoughts were the standard lemon, orange, or lime. But i love a challenge and started thinking more outside the box. I think a slight vanilla flavor might be cool, or even an apple/cinnamon flavor. My question is about adding the flavor. I assume it's done during the fermentation process? How to add the flavor, fruit slices, purees, juices? In the case of the vanilla would I use the sticks, beans, or extract? Any help is greatly appreciated by this newbie! Thanks! (BTW, just received my order of Pumpkin Weissbier. That will be my next batch that I'll start this weekend. I noticed it calls for seeping spices and pumpkin puree. Is that a clue as to my above question?)
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