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  1. nevermind, didn't research enough....i just read a similar post
  2. glad to hear it, i just ordered the dubbel. thanks!
  3. How was the taste? did you deviate from Mr. B recipe? If so, what did you do? should i get glass bottles or will plastic ones be ok? thanks
  4. Hi, I was reading through this post and I love your avatar and I am also in the upstate (fountain inn). Anyway, it looks like you have good taste in beer and make quite a varied supply. I'm getting ready to order a Mr. Beer and I'm guessing that i could use a lot of help to get some good beer made. Would you be willing to give me some pointers? I want to do a quad and a barleywine, dubbel and tripel would be fine as well.
  5. have you made anything else that you have tried? what are your thoughts on the kit?
  6. I'd love to know how it tastes...this may be the deciding factor on buying mr. beer or not. I like MOST types of beer but LOVE quads. My favorites are St. Bernardus, Ovila and Three Philosophers....if I could just get in the ballpark of either of these...
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