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  1. Thanks guys. The main thing that I was concerned about was that I didn't know if I had killed the yeast by refrigerating. Apparently the yeast is fine and will reactivate when you bring the bottles out of the fridge. As for the label beaureve, I am a graphic designer when not brewing beer, so it was a fun branding and packaging project for me. My next batch of Oktoberfest, I bottled in 16oz swing top bottles that look even better! I would post more pictures but this forum seems to make it difficult. inglorious-basterd inglorious-basterd2
  2. Hello everyone! I'm a new homebrewer and thought I'd share my experience so far. I started out with the Classic American light Ale that comes with the kit. I got everything up and running with no problem. Fermented for two weeks, Bottle conditioned for two more and put in fridge for another two (2-2-2). I couldn't wait to try my first bottle... and when I did I wish I hadn't. There was little to no carbonation and pretty cidery. I was bummed. After stressing out a bit, I sought out some advice from Mr. Beer himself (I sent an email to Mr. Beer). I got some pretty good advice in return. I took the beer out of the fridge and let it bottle condition another 3 weeks further. When I tried it again... Success! I now had a great head with plenty of carbonation and the cidery taste had mellowed considerably. I would still say it's a bit more full bodied and malty for a light ale, but not bad. I still have the remaining bottles warm conditioning and I pull one bottle out at a time to chill as necessary, Each bottle is a bit better than the last. Lesson learned is to be very patient. I also think I could do a better job of controlling the ferment temp. I live in Florida and room temp is about 77 or 78. I'm going to try to put the fermentor in a cooler to control the temp and reduce the cidery taste next batch. I have a batch of Oktoberfest bottle conditioning now. Can't wait to try one, but I will. By the way. I would like to have a profile pic, but this new forum seems to not let me do it. I get the "oops" page when I try to add a picture. Any Ideas on that? Cheers 1237684_659866730692812_525986190_n
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