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  1. That's good to know! I'm really excited to try different things... that's the whole point of brewing my own (to me anyway).
  2. Thanks for the reply! If I were to use the extract for two LBK brews, the leftovers wouldn't be wasted would they? Easily used for another recipe?
  3. As I advance as a brewer, and want to experiment with different ingredients, or even try an all-grain/part-grain set-up, will I be able to utilize the LBK to brew manageable batches? Everyone always says, "you'll move on to 5-gallon set-ups pretty quickly," to me, but I like how manageable the two-gallon system is being just about a case of beer per batch. Am I wrong, and will I come around to 5-gallon batches?
  4. Thanks for the link, but it took me to a clone of the Sam Adam's Winter Lager. I was looking for something that would replicate a stout with some really intense coffee and chocolate flavors, and I was hoping to stay within the Mr. Beer ingredient offerings. I don't have to ability to do 5 gallon brews yet! I should have been more specific, sorry!
  5. Hey brewer friends! This is my first post here. In January I toured Sam Adams' brewery and I was very impressed after the disappointment of the Guinness factory... I was able to try a beer called Black and Brew. It was an excellent stout that featured mocha flavors. It was keg only so I couldn't buy any. Any ideas how to replicate it? The stout hme, robust lme?
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