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  1. Hello Gang, Just bought my MR BEER kit today at BJ'S of all places. It was a heck of a deal and i figured Why not and took the plunge. I have been researching for awhile now about home brewing and was familiar with the different homebrew kits available in the market and as stated it was a hell of a deal at BJ'S. Anyways my questions are these, My kit came with the Mexican Cerveza and Chezh pilsner I think it was. I know what the Mexican Cerveza is a clone of but have no idea what the other is a clone of. Can someone give me a hint as to what that is please? Also for the more experienced brewers out there, Have you found a need to upgrade from the MR BEER KIT and went into a more serious set-up? I'm the type of person that the more simple the better for me. I have no interest at all to go full mash, but a partial mash may be an interest. So can I continue to build on my beer brewing interests with a LBK or will I need to go for a bigger fermentor or second LBK. I do have a LHBS close to my house but there kits are for 5 gallon batches and a single LBK is only 2 gallons. So can I can brew half a kit and save the rest for a second brew? Anyways I think i'm done for now with questions and sorry for the wall of text. Thanks, Arnold
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