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  1. I'm very new to beer brewing. Made my first batch about 6 weeks ago and it came out well. Decided to start a second batch today: Abbey Dubbel. The first batch was kept down in the basement and maintained a temperature of about 67 degrees. I no longer have use of the basement for brewing so I put this batch in the guest room. It was ridiculously hot here in NY. When I checked on the beer tonight, it was too warm and foaming like crazy. It's been at about 77 for eight hours. I now have it on the floor by the A/C vent to cool it down and this seems to be working. what I want to know is - is it already too late? I know brewing at too high a temperature will give it an off taste. What are your opinions on just how much of an off taste this will have considering it was less than a day? The good news is the weather is supposed to cool down. I mean really: 85 degrees in October??
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