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  1. Thanks fellas, that does give me some peace of mind, I was worried that I made have made a mistake. I'm not sure what the beer is gonna taste like, I looked up the flavor "profile" and it sounds like a winner. I'm as excited as a pregnant mother awaiting her child to be born. I have sworn off commercial beer until I can taste mine, for that extra anticipation factor. lol. I'm planning on grilling some sage and celery sausage too, should go down nicely. Pics to follow. Also, is there a glossary to all the acronyms and abreviations? EDIT: FOUND IT
  2. Harford County, Maryland Looking forward to my first batch in 3 weeks. BUT IM THIRSTY NOW!!!!!
  3. Got a new box of Mr Beer, Took all the items out, Did some research and started the adventure. Sanitized down my area, cleaned the counters, mopped the floor...lol 2 weeks after I was ready to bottle Little did I know that the cake I enjoyed earlier in the week my wife made, used most of my sugar I will have needed for my beer. I ran short of course, so for two bottles, I used RAW SUGAR. They look ok so far, there is little differnce in apearance, the bottles do feel a little more firm that the others. What are your predictions on taste? I used the Czech malp hop can. Thanks for your input
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