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  1. Thanks for your reply, bobdude1. I left the beer in the keg for three weeks until the yeast debris settled to the bottom and then stored the bottles under a blanket for a week and a half. At that point two of them were hard as a rock (carbonated) so I put them in the fridge for a couple of days before opening. I'll take your advice and give the rest a coupla more weeks under the blanket. I think I'll wait for summer to do the next batch so I can ferment at proper temperature. But I still don't get why this batch tastes like apples. Oh well...try, try again. Peace, Bud
  2. My Mr Beer kit came with the standard American beer refill which is not what I would have chosen but I brewed it anyway. After a month of fermentation I opened my first bottle tonight. Surprise! It looks and tastes exactly like carbonated apple cider. Now, it's not unpleasant, really. There's plenty of carbonation but it's cloudy and very sweet. Not at all what I expected. The only deviation from instructions was that it was brewed at less than the recommended temperature. My house averaged about 60 deg. during the brewing process. That might explain why it's cloudy and sweet but why apples? Any insight?
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