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  1. That's great to hear, thank you.
  2. I have heard they darken and have an off aroma. Don't mind the color being off and if I can counter the aroma with a dry hop, I'd be happy. My concern is the taste, and I can't really find anything one way or the other. I did get some unhopped LME with it (also expired) so a boil is not out of the question.
  3. I got two HMEs that expired Feb. 2015 and was curious how it might turn out with some aggressive dry hopping. I have seen the question asked before but never saw any feedback as to how it turned out.
  4. Storing it upright allows sediment and yeast to settle in the bottom. Allowing it a few days in the refrigerator then hardens those particles and keeps them in the bottom of the bottle when you pour. I always pour slow and leave a drink in the bottle. Not going to lie I always chug that last drink straight out of the bottle though.
  5. I think head retention and color are the two most over rated aspects to a beer.
  6. Tell ya what ship me a few of the Pliney and we can call it even!
  7. Let me start by saying I am a craft beer dork big time and this one stacks up. I sneaked a bottle of the lucky charms milk stout a little early (3 weeks) because I was immensely curious. Let me tell you this beer is amazing. I was completely blown away. It starts like a Left Hand milk stout (which I love) but better. Then that finish is a very complex, a nice sweetness but not overly sweet, it plays off the roasted base flavor so well. I know the recipe is no longer available on here but I highly recommend piecing one together and brewing it up.
  8. Yes on here I have noticed they are generally interchangeable unless someone is referring to using a lager yeast. The easiest way to ferment in the summer is using a cooler with frozen water bottles. The first few days for a standard Coleman two bottles changed every 12 hours does the trick. I have AC so after primary fermentation it usually stays at 66 degrees no problem left in the cooler. Simple little additions like hops can make a world of difference, I almost gave up on the hobby until I branched out a little bit.
  9. Sounds like JoshR needs to spill the beans on his recipe
  10. If you were so inclined to make a peanut butter porter how would you go about it? I saw some older posts on here about it but just curious if anyone has made it and what their results were. Or maybe you have some ideas you wish to share.
  11. Well it was worth a shot Thanks again for the advice.
  12. Yeah love Cascade hops. Added them in a dry hop with Oktoberfest and it came out great.
  13. Awesome thanks for the tip guys. Josh R do you think .5 is enough for the dry hop, or should I just use both 7 C's? I'm thinking 15 min on .5 of the 7 C's then adding Falconers Flight at 10 and 5, dry hop the last .5. Also could you talk to someone to get me some hop sacks, I forgot to put them in my last order lol?
  14. So I have the Diablo IPA with a pack of pale LME, and two .5 oz packs of Falconer's flight, and two .5 oz packets of Falconers 7 C's. Was thinking of doing additions at 30, 15, 5, and a dry hop. Just wondering what some of you with the vast knowledge think would be a good way to go with these. I know it is a little heavy on the hops but I have never been one to shy away from a huge IPA.
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