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  1. I taught a friend how to homebrew and we used a very simple hef recipe. It was in primary for 10 days then straight to bottles for about 5 days. It tasted good, just like a standard hef. There was even a decent banana/ phenol aroma to it with the wb-06. Hefs are better young. I chill the bottles in the fridge as long as it takes to get to serving temp.
  2. Definitely do not boil the flaked corn. It needs to be mashed with base malt. I would start with a .5-1 lb of flaked corn and 1-2 lbs of two row to see where that gets you. google partial mash because that's the road you're heading down. I didn't see any hops other than the hme. throw in .25-.75 oz of cascade at flame out to give it a citrusy aroma. I enjoy lemon juice (and chili powder) on my watermelon, sounds like an interesting beer. good luck
  3. I brewed a cream ale kit I purchased online, it came out great. i manipulated the ibu's to about 30 by replacing 1 oz cascade with .4 oz magnum for the bitter hop and adjusting my preboil volume of water. sg 1043 fg 1011 ibu 31 srm darker than the kit 6 gallons of preboil volume of municipal water 5 gallons batch size 6 lbs light lme 8 oz carapils .4 oz magnum 60 min 1 oz cascade 2 min us-05 yeast 1/2 tablet of whirfloc gelatin fining in keg 1/2 tablet of campden in my preboil water to clear that chlorine and Chloramine smell/taste first pour i chilled the keg with ice packs in a styrofoam cooler then added the gelatin. I shook while putting in 25 lbs of co2 into solution. About 50 hours later I purged, dropped the co2 to 10 and poured the first gelatin dump. second pour looked much better but I did see a cloudy section in the picnic faucet line enter the beer. it was small and quick. third pour is much better, the color looks slightly darker than what the kit suggested but I attribute this to boiling the 6 lbs of lme for 60 mins. This beer won't last long.
  4. I've given this beer plenty of time to try and come together but it's not happening. since 3/10/14 i've tried a bottle every week or so and the yeast funk isn't subsiding. It starts with a nice roasty beginning followed by a twang of yeast funk (tastes like high krausen smells) that crashes with a earthy chocolate finish. The hops impart a earthy, floweryness to it but this funk covers a lot of that up. The head retention isn't so great either. This was one of the first brews I made that I could stomach. I just wanted to see what would happen if I fermented very warm 74-80 with mr beer yeast. ironically my coworkers really like this beer, which is great because I don't want to drink the case i have left. This doesn't discourage me though, I have already brewed and drank serf's up dampfbier, orfys mild mannered ale, caribou slobber and this morning I'm tapping a milk stout and liberty cream ale both from mws.
  5. It's been a good minute since I have updated this cider. I drank the cider I made with honey a while ago, it was less than ideal but it was very young, good but young. Tonight I tried some of the cider I had in a treetop container tucked away in a cupboard for a few months. It has been chilled for a few days and oh was it excellent. It had a nice sweetness to it and a silky mouth feel with a hint of tartness. It smelled and tasted of apples. it cleared up nicely on its own too. the tree top has been in secondary for 2.5 months. The blueberry cider is sitting pretty, I did rack it off some fruit chunks a few weeks ago ( i should have waited till they fell naturally). Now the rest of the debris has fallen and its clear enough to read through. Treetop cider w/ mr.beer booster and ec1118 yeast. the blueberry, I plan to rack it off the lees and bottle in swing top clear bottles.
  6. I am looking to make a cream ale and have noticed a lot of AG recipes call for using flaked maize or corn grits to lighten the body. Would booster serve as a replacement for corn in these recipes. I plan to brew 5 gallons using extract. my preboil volume of water would be 6 gallons. og 1048 IBU 33 4 lbs light dme 1 pack booster 13oz 8 oz carapils .5 oz magnum for 60 1 oz cascade at 5 min
  7. I used a priming sugar calculator from northern brewer. I set the style as a porter-2.1 volumes of co2. That level would require 1.50 oz of maple syrup sanitized in boiling water then mixed in my bottling bucket. 1.5 oz came out to 9 teaspoons. i don't think the maple syrup will impart a maply taste, it'll probably leave the more earthy flavors behind. I think the yeast funk will mask any flavoring the syrup would have given it. time will tell
  8. I tasted another bottle at 9 weeks conditioning. The greenness has almost all cleared up. The beer tastes a little dry and thin, there isn't much of a cherry flavor, more of an aroma. It's drinkable but the booster, honey and cherry really thinned this one out.
  9. I bottled this on 3/11/14. It tasted pretty good for being 2.5 weeks in primary and 2.5 weeks secondary. It's still a little green but not enought to discourage a small glass as i bottled. I bottled it with corn sugar, a little low in volumes of co2, 2.0 i believe.
  10. I bottled this on 3/10/14, its been on in the primary for a month and a day. I kind of let the temperature go all over the place with this one. I wanted to see whats the worse than can happen. It definetly smelled fruity, like old banana peels and papaya guts. I used the mr beer yeast. It had a nice malty backend after the fruit stink. i'll see what it tasted like in a month. I bottled with maple syrup.
  11. So I have been keeping a couple lbk in a large cooler with an ice pack to help keep the temps in the lower 60's and today I went to move my Dampfbier to another cooler where I will cold crash it when I saw patches of white mold/fungus on the outside of both lbk. It's been a few days since I last checked on them and the ice had all melted. I guess the humidity inside the cooler became a breeding ground for mold. I wiped down both lbs and the inside of the cooler with a clean rag soaked in starsan. I haven't opened to check either brew but they both have finished fermenting and have just been in secondary fermentation for 1-2 weeks so I know there is alcohol in the liquid. Do I have to worry about the mold possibly spreading to the beer? Will starsan kill the mold spores inside my cooler?
  12. I fixed one of the coolers into something I could chill a corny keg in. I use blocks of refreezable foam to cool it. The ties could be a little tighter but there isn't any Ice or liquid to leak out so It's fine. I plan to put a notch in it and connect my co2 to it while the beer cools for a week. Right now it's just a bunch of starsan because I have no beer ready to force carbonate. Much later from now I'll connect my picnic faucet and just tuck the faucet inside when its not in use. All in all the ties cost 99cents for 3 and the cooler was free and ice packs were free.
  13. I almost bit the bullet and bought this today http://morebeer.com/products/wort-chiller-immersion-25-38-brass-fittings.html luckily it's on the deal of the day a few days out of every month. The only way I could think of upgrading it would be to turn it into a whirlpool/immersion chiller like this http://www.mrmalty.com/chiller.php I don't boil 5 gallons so I don't need all that equipment. I use a big block of sanitized ice and dump it into my wort while it sits in an ice bath in my sink. http://www.howtobrew.com/section1/chapter7-4.html
  14. the can of Canadian draft I used for this recipe wasn't part of that swollen lot of cans I also had. I doubt the Canadian draft can was fresh, maybe 2011-12.
  15. Tried this again today. It's been conditioning at room temperature for 6 weeks now. The flavors are coming together but it's still not ready. The cinnamon is nice, I don't feel it overpowers the beer. The base is dry and tart at the beginning but has a nice finish. Very subtle taste of cherries. I'll give it another two weeks which will bring the total time bottle conditioning two months. I'm afraid I used way too much adjunct in this recipe. It poured a nice head that dissipated quickly. I think I have to chill down the beer before I bottle because this had a lot of yeast sediment on the bottom of the bottle.
  16. I tried Sam Adams Maple pecan porter and am hoping for this brew to be in proximity to it. I could have chose a more appropriate strain of yeast though. The lbk is fermenting towards the higher end of the heat range. I expect fruity, woody esters followed up by Maple syrup.
  17. Yeah using RO water bugs me since I don't use lme which would put back some essential minerals back in my brew. I think I'll give Camden tablets a shot since they are so cheap.
  18. I have a few of these coolers I get from work. I want to use them for something but I don't know what. they measure 2 feet length, 10 3/4 in wide and 1 ft deep inside dimensions. I was planning to cut some foam out so I could store a keg and ice it in there. They come with flat re-freezable ice packs that are foam filled. The lid is thick foam also. Maybe I could cut a second lid off the end and only shave that piece since more foam near the base would help keep the temperature in. Ideally I would want to turn this into a budget keezer with my co2 tank outside and picnic faucet tucked inside. I have two of these and am expecting another one in early may. Or I could buy a jockey box setup and rig it inside this. The only problem I see is that unless I reinforce the sections where the shanks run the styrofoam will crumble apart with wear and tear.
  19. I put this together on sunday with odds and ends. Collected 2 gallons of RO water to boil Dry malt extract boiled for 25 minutes 8 oz dark dme 16 oz light dme 14 oz amber dme steeping grains heated to 160f and steeped for 20 mins pre-boil 2 oz roasted barley 2 oz pale chocolate 4 oz crystal 40 10 g kent G 25 mins 14 g kent G 15 10 g william 15 6 g will 0 min Coopers ale yeast rehydrated maple extract or maple flavoring at bottling approx two weeks from now
  20. After shopping around for kits and buying dme and hops in bulk to make the recipes on mrb website I have a lot of different baggies of leftovers. i want to brew a few 1 gallon batches to use up these odds and ends. I found a few 1 gallon batch recipes online and picked out an IPA that looks fun. I had to make slight adjustments in consideration of what I have on hand. I'm not a big hop head but I like lagunitas IPA's and enjoy by. IPA Crystal 40L 4oz steeped in 1.5 gallons water until 170f is reached. Discard after. Amder dme 8oz after boil is reached add amber dme with first hop addition for 45 minutes. light dme 1lb late addition at 20 min 1/4 tablet of whirlfloc at 20 min centennial 3.5 grams for 45 min centennial 3.5 grams for 20 min centennial 7 grams for 5 min centennial 7 grams dry hop after one week of fermentation mr beer yeast two weeks fermenting, three weeks bottle conditioning
  21. corona here, I've been to a few of those stores. Morebeer was really helpful.
  22. i didn't keep my good eye on it and came back to discover this. wiped off with a clean starsan soaked rag and capped it again.
  23. each cider is chugging along fine. the plain is in a dark cupboard. the honey cider is on a counter top covered with a paper bag. It didn't create much of a krausen after I put the honey in but there is gas building up inside I let out every couple of days. The blueberry is looking really nice, it took a couple days to see some action but its happy now and so am I.
  24. I should have went with 1/2 inch blow-off tubing. If I wiggle the cap some gas/foam squeezes out around the neck. the tube is bubbling furiously in the starsan container. temp is 64-65, I'm going to watch it all day.
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