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  1. Mr Beer quit making this, so is there a way to make my own..will a "Muntons Brown Lme" be the same or can I just use a "Briess". or Some brand of porter LME?? Is there anything that taste like that or similar ?? If so which ones,Thank you
  2. I have 2 LBK's with Mr Beers Weizenbeir or Whispering wheat..I keep hearing it could use more hops...It's been in the LBK's a few days..Should I drop .5 oz of tettnanger or sazz hops in them for the remaining 2-1/2 weeks fermenting... Also have Centennial and cascades but That probably won't jive in a German type beer and don't know what hops were used in whispering wheat already.
  3. Swenocha With the help you provided I got going.. So I went for it a couple days ago And heres the update.. Also used some brewing tips from a couple others from the threads ------------------------------------------------------- American Amber ale; Amber malt Extract 3.3 lbs ------------------------------------------ Centennial Hops-0.330 oz- 62 minutes Pellets Cascade Hops-0.500 oz - 22 minutes Pellets Cascade Hops- 0.500 oz- 7 minutes Pellets --------------------------------------------------------------------- English ale yeast 0.500 unit yeast ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Minimum Gravity: 1.045 Maximum gravity: 1.060 recipe gravity: 1.048 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Minimum Bitternes:25 Maximum Bitternes:40 recipe Bitterness:40 -------------------------------------------------------- Minimum color: 10' Maximum color: 17' Recipe color: 11' A.B.V: 4.6% -------------------------------------------------------------- With the help of this discussion board I tried a few things and loved the results so far from my research here...I boiled only 1 gallon of water with 1 lb. of the LME to avoid carmelization and sticking and boil over. That is how I did my hop additions.. After the hop additions I added the remaining LME.. Another tip i found was before pitching yeast stir the heck out of the wort and work oxygen into the wort..But not only did I stir it like crazy till I felt like my hand was going to fall off, I also filled the water to the quart mark with a sprayer..I noticed that helped a lot too. My fermenter has a nice Krausen as a result.. I had to boil my hops an extra 2 mins. The electric stove doesn't keep it all boiling like a good gas burner would..But I stirred constantly the whole time .. I did at least have a slow quiet boil . But! 2 mistakes That I will avoid again..; I used Ice from my large Ice bowl from the freezer. I buy bagged ice.. I realized that I didn't sanitize that bowl before hand.. Heck I keep it in there for us to use ice in our drinks.. I hope that doesn't ruin my batch The other mistake was using oven mits over my wort.. I did this to use hot wort to clean the LME can clean and not get burned while holding the can... I noticed white insulation sticking to my finger after removing the oven mits..They must have a tear from within... If I don't have an infection I think this will be a good beer. It sure smells and looks good.. Thanks peeps
  4. 3.3 lbs so I guess I should do 3 gallons...Or perhaps 1 lb I Gal. then add the other remaining 2.3 lbs of ume after the boil ..Which sounds better on an electric stove..Thanks guys
  5. Noob question ,Thanks for the help in advance. When hopping Liquid malt extract using muslin sacks in 3 stages for example; Bittering for 60 mins, Then flavoring for 20 mins. and finally aroma for 5 mins Which is the proper way to perform this from below A or B ? A. Bring to a boil and drop bittering hops in for 60 min. wait 40 mins and then add flavoring hops.15 mins. after adding flavor hops add aroma hops for 5 mins.. remove all 3 muslin sacks . 60 minutes total boiling time Or B. Bring to a boil add bittering hops for 60 mins. and remove. And then add flavor hops for 20 mins and remove and then add aroma hops for 5 and then remove. A total of 1 hr. and 25 mins. ??? My goodness'! What A Novel !
  6. I'm a noob I'm just guessin but I assume 30 IBU is what I'm shooting for maybe yours will be good for me..Still a little vague with Q brew,Dang I can use sonar and make music But I guess you have to know hops to ge the hang of this software..Yea I know,I can hear it now.. get to know the hops then Alcoholica,lol
  7. Swenocha I like the Idea of using the briess in one LBK I have 3 empty LBK's Still have the pack of centennials . I have a pound of cascades on the way from E bay.. But I heard both were good in ales....I also have .5 oz of tettnanger hops now...But maybe I should just stick to centennial only for now.. What do you think...I don't want a really bitter beer. More of a session beer...No more bitter than say a Heineken or blue moon...Will the hop schedule that you provide below be just enough or perhaps a little more than I desire...And if it is a little more than what I'm shooting for what needs to change from below...I'll get started as soon as I get a good opinion,Thanks
  8. I did my WCPA for 2 weeks in the fermenter and it had a noticeable yeast presence ...But I had to bottle it 3 weeks for all the sweetness from the 2 1/2 tbsp. sugar to disappear ...And the carbonation was ridiculous ,forget pouring a glass as just a dropp would foam to the top,lol...But it was awesome beer because I just drank from the bottle.. BURP! I have some Canadian conditioning now..I let it ferment for 3 weeks this time and 3 days.. The 3 days because I forgot about it...I noticed the bottles didn't swell tight for over a week as with my first batch it was tight after 1 day!..... The Canadian has 1 week left bottling and I predict the head won't be so aggressive this go around..Don't know if that has something to do with adding an extra week to the fermenter or not..
  9. Me too, not big on the super bitter hoppiness..I like the blue moons ,coronas hoppiness. Although I don't mind a little citrus.. I'm much better at my wine tasting as I have access to a lot of wine makers around here that don't mind sharing.. But I'm more of a beer drinker, N.C homemade muscadine goes down surprisingly smooth and when made right and it will light that wig up quick,lol But it's obvious when wine is dry because it ain't sweet,,Simple... Now that I think about it I have tried a dry beer...Why ask why,lol I barely remember bud dry,other than I remember that dry beer seemed to give you hang overs a lot easier,so I haven't drunk it in years...So When I make this other can of Mr. Beer whispering wheat I guess I can compare the 2 and I will know.. Thanks all
  10. Ha! that's smart.. I'm not sure if sams exchanges these $5.00 water bottles But I seen where Wal mart does...The Bottles with the hollow handle through the back.
  11. I do like a dry wine with my steaks off the grill or any fancy itallian cheese sauce dishes.. Don't know if I ever had a dry beer.. Beer is not that sweet to begin with So What is it that hits the pallet to determine if it is dry.. Is it a vinegar flavor or just a lack of malt or what? Thanks!!!
  12. Wait a minute I had a pack of booster first..So the 1/2 cup of honey is still ok? Alright I see where you say addition from the booster..Maybe I need not to drink any more beer..I better go get some rest..
  13. Foothiller are you from the foothills of the Carolinas...Thanks I haven't messed up yet,That was a close one..Woooo boy, Damn I need a beer
  14. I was reading the malt to adjunct ratio article and read the following: "I've been brewing for about a year, but I'm still brewing with extracts. If I start a batch with a standard refill, I use the booster since it's there, but other than that, all I ever add is 1/2 c honey. And I only add 1/2 c honey" So I made a 2 gallon batch of Whispering wheat with booster and a 1/2 cup of honey..O.k But came back and read the adjunct to malt ratio again and seen this detail that I missed or forgot: " And I only add 1/2 c honey if I also add at least the equivalent of an additional can of UME." DOH !! I have quite a bit of ingredients I could add to the wort,you name but that could be messy aye...Will this batch be alright ? If not will againg fix it,If so The BIG QUESTION is how much aging. How long in the LBK fermenting and how long in the bottle,hmmm Thanks Just incase,My malt Arsenal: 2 cans of creamy brown UME 1 can of Whispering wheat HME 1 lb of light dme 5 gal water bottle and 4 LBK's
  15. Now I've really gone mad scientist for 25 bucks I just got a 1/2 oz of Mr. beer tettanger pellets, 2 more LBK's, another can of creamy brown ,2 cans of whispering wheat, ,6 new pet bottles,a case of glass bottles.. Some mr beer caps, Some kind of Bottle tree, A long clear plastic dripping tube and cleaning brush,Another capper..Sanitizer, muslin bag and some other mess. Looks like I'll be brewing some Whispering wheat with booster for now and read up some more.My noobiness is stressing me out to much .I need a beer
  16. Chinnok, Chinook ,Pride of Ringworm ,lol . I kill me
  17. Oh ok, Haven't heard of the Chinnok yet... My LHBS is the only one in town and it takes 20 minutes or even 30 through heavy traffic to get there....They are about all out of hops and it's called grapes and hops,lol no hops But I was short a muslin bag for 3 additions so I didn't get to brew it last night I did pick up 4 more muslin bags so I could get er done.. I also seen that they had 2 different centiniel and austrailian pride of ringworm hops left.. So heck I snatched some of the Austrailian pride.. Heard good things about those.. I told the guy at the LHBS I was a plumber and he wrote me links for R.I.M.S or H.E.R.M.S projects..He's pretty cool he works for a vendor that stocks Dogfish Head Beer and told me all the stores to buy it and I didn't even know we had that here.. And Swenocha and Yooper don't be disapointed know you said baby steps But I may have to build one of those R.I.M.S or H.E.R.M.S . I'll do it right and take my time and keep your advice in mind as I do so,I promise. LOL, I also picked up a pound of Muntons light dry malt extract for 6.30 while I was there.. May not use it any time soon but I have it for when I need it...I figure since this place is so far out if I spend between 10-20 bucks a visit I'll eventually be cookin it up right..Then again I watch a lot of youtube and have been cooking big meals my whole life I'm nearly a cheff...Makin beer is not far from that other than a bit of chemistry I need serious help with..And thanks for the help again guys,Damn I appreciate it.
  18. Hey Swenocha I'm Not sure about what the 1.00 unit of yeast means from above..It appears you are recommending to go ahead use the whole pack of saf 4 yeast.. I just assumed half the pack to equal the quantity of the fromunda yeast .The men in the video that you showed me only used a half a pack of saf 5.. I'm sure the whole pack wouldn't hurt though. I also noticed in the video they didn't use a muslin bag with the pellets.. I have the pellets So if I do the additions in the bag will it all dissolve? Now that's a noobish question,lol
  19. Which one dbark,Do you mean the centennial hops and saaz hops together in one brew or just the centennial hops alone? I'm sanitizing now..Think I'm gonna bust'a move on killin out this old booster and creamy brown ume using the saaz like swenocha mentioned above...in one of the LBK's
  20. Thanks you have been a great help..I'll have to send you a sample if turns out good.Thanks for going through that trouble for me.. Right now I'm on week 2 of high country Canadian with booster..I did a post about that because my old Canadian fromunda yeast appeared to be dead..So I used 5 grams of fresh saf 04 on day 3 of fermentation..It did a little magic but nothing like my WCPA...after I bottled I noticed a truck load of trub..So it did something...The sample tasted good but a bit on the German side..Which is good IMHO I like a yeasty tasting beer..Seems to be carbonating good and it will be my second batch..And second use of the PET bottles...So I've been harvesting Dos Equis amber bottles and corona and bought some caps. But I have a feeling My taste are going to lean more towards the cascade and Amarillo hops after reading up some more..Like you said have to test and try it all out first..But I have to admit for some reason my mouth started watering on that last recipie you gave me with the 5 gallon water bottle. It sounds so rich...But Dude it's beer I drink it all even Sierra,even Busch or Bud light..Might not be my favorites but hey,,Alcoholica!!!right Plus I'm hooked after making my first brew lol. WCPA rocks. So far I don't know what the negative fuss from the grain brewers is all about. I didn't mention that 5 gallon water bottle at first because it just ran out of water and I was thinking making the coopers cervesa in that thing..I also have my parts for a mash tun staged out with the igloo water cooler..I'm a plumber, parts for that project are easy to come by .. I also didn't realize the reliability of the software, that should come in handy..Going to watch these videos now..Thanks and I'll keep you posted
  21. Hey swenocha thanks for all that advice..When you say you would make 2 beers do you mean 2 Mr.Beer LBK's .. I have 2 LBK'S Or are you referring to two different 5 gallon batches in a brew bucket.. I also have a 5 gallon plastic carboy.. Number 1 plastic sams water.. And the airlock.. I have a feeling I should hop the ale with cascade hops.. I'm looking into it,..Also looking into using grains but like you said I have the fermentables So maybe I wait on the grains..Even have 5 pounds of dominos table sugar for bottling, It did well bottling my WCPA for 3 weeks. it was bursting with carbonation, It wanted to explode,,lol.. I think the corn sugar is for bottling So I might mix the corn sugar and table sugar like coopers does for their bottling mix...My heads about to explode gee whiz man...Thanks for the help
  22. Well it's hard to describe with the hops because I am a noob ,I like a little citrus..Not big on super bitter though..Then again Sometimes I have a taste for different things at different times......I aIso love blue moon with a slice of Orange sometimes...I'm just burnt out with the bud light type beers really.. Loved the WCPA though..Not shootin for corona with these ingredients ,But I had a taste for an amber ale when I bought these And Thanks for the help guys, yes I'm a noob So thank you ..Awesome Job...But my first brew was a winner.. WCPA ,loved it...I like beer along those lines not over powered in hops but a good abv..I like many different kinds of beers though. Love amber ales....So with this post I'm more interested to see what you guys would do if this is what you had to work with ..Just So I'll have some ideas..it just has to be a descent brew that's all nothing major or anything..But It has to be drinkable of course.. But Hey, I do have some coopers cervesa 3.3 can on the way...But I was shooting for an amber ale type recipe with these. I mean have to use them some how The store I bought this from is the only store we have ..It's called grapes and hops...Well they only had 4 different hops..I wanted cascade hops...They didn't have any grapes either so the store name is a little misleading..But it could be worse there could be no store at all
  23. I found a local brew mart and bought some random stuff that sounded good not having a clue as to how I will pull this off..Other than my Mr beer experience... I have 2 Mr beer LBK And I think this 3 pound jar of briess Sparkling UMESounds good with centiniel hopps..But I don't know how to do Hopp pellets ..And I'm more of a corona drinker not big on the big hopps like Sierra Nevada beers and such..So I also got a pack of U.S. Sazz because it says it's used for pilsner beers... So My first question is how should I hop this Briess UME? My second question is Should I use the booster and cream brown ale Ume by mr beer together for fermentables with the Briess Amber???? I will be adding this between 2 Mr. beer kegs and splitting a pack of saf No.4 dry ale yeast between the 2 kegs....Unless someone says this Idea is crazy ...Thanks for any opinions or advice.
  24. Well heck maybe this will answer my own question,after researching I found this; http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_teaspoons_is_5_grams_of_yeast#slide2 So I just added another tsp. I'm hoping for the best.. The same store that I bought this yeast at I also purchased a small jar of no rinse cleanser and sanitized the lid on the keg after opening as well as the spoon and hands.....I'm hoping this comes out ok..My batch of wcpa with the brand new kit was amazing..it had 9 feet of head. Massive carbonation, I had to drink it straight from the bottle,lol it was good...Wondering about this batch here,Idk
  25. Is one tea spoon enough dry ale yeast? I had to do a re pitch tonight.... Well I don't have scales but mr beer seems to use 5g of yeast in the packs under the lid... I've always heard a teaspoon equals 5 grams.. I'm sure it's close, BUT ! Ya know Anyways the yeast that was Fromunda the lid of the High country Canadian is dead, obviously. It's been 50 some hours already and nothing...So I bought an 11.5 g bag of saf dry ale yeast locally and just added a tsp of it in the lifeless wort.... If anyone thinks I should add more or any other advice please chime in ..Thanks a million in advanced
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