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  1. It's algood gopher ,Glad you mentioned that..Still helpful. I can always add it to something later I suppose. I figured it was something you just added Hops or pellets and made 2 gallons of beer .. I'm on the 52nd hour of fermenting the wort and the yeast wasn't doing it's magic.. I should do another post because I bought an 11.5 g pack of fresh dry ale yeast today and I just poured a tsp in the keg in hopes of bringing to life...I hope I did o.k. by doing that ..I put the rest of the remaining yeast up in an air tight bag and container.. Oh well looks like I'll search and make sure a tsp is enough.. And that I did the right thing..
  2. Ok so it's pretty much the same as I did with the WCPA except you add an extra week more than what I do on the bottling..Thanks BeerLabelman I'll get started on the high country right now..
  3. I had great success with my first time with the new mr beer kit with WCPA. I assumed it would be the same process with other cans of LME.. But now I see that's not true. So I guess that I have a bottling question. I recently found an extra Mr. Beer fermenter and a can of High country Canadian with yeast. Along with 2 packs of booster and a can of creamy brown un hopped malt on Craigslist for 15 bucks, I couldn't refuse... Obviously These LME's are discontinued and needless to say it appears I can't do this the same as I did my Awesome tasting West coast pale ale in the newer kit that I bought... Now from these Old instructions from this site are Simple.. But something is missing. I pretty much mix one pack of booster and the high country Canadian together in the boil and dissolve...add it to the water in the fermenter and pitch the yeast .Blahzee Blah..I got that much But! "What about Bottling ?" Do I just bottle it as I did my WCPA with the new kit instructions by simply adding 2 1/2 tbsps. of sugar.. Or what?... I guess I'll just worry about this cream brown unhopped malt later....But I do want to make this Canadian for now, Any help greatly appreciated
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