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  1. The biggest issue is the ambiguous lying directions that come with the beer. You can have beer in 2 weeks? Hardly. According to what I had read, 2 weeks of carbonating before refrigeration was the norm. There were no directions on tasting or testing. A lot of the info online is contradictory. So, I decided to lay out my specific situation to the open forum. Because, exactly what I did was not found online.
  2. They were quite firm. They're now semi firm and let out a very small hiss when opened. The taste is very flat. So the slightest carbonation. Could the carbonation still increase in the fridge? I'm unsure of what is supposed to be going on in this stage.
  3. I am making my first batch of American Pale. Everything seems OK but, I put the beers in the fridge after one week of being bottled and sugared. That was two weeks ago, almost, and the beer tastes completely flat. Can it be saved? Could it still carbonate?
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