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  1. I just saw where Mr. Beer is going to make 5 gallon kegs . I mainly brew extract in lbk batches. My question s are thus . Cost wise is it worth it doing 5 gal extract batches ? What about the hop additions should those be doubled ( 1oz now being 2 oz)? Only grains I steep are carapils ( 1/2 pound in lbk 2 gal ) . Thoughts and input always welcome . Also what is the new version of the patriot lager , American Ale or American Lager ? Have a recipe that I want to duplicate in a 5 gal batch . Thanks as always !
  2. I am making a batch of Bavarian Weissbier . Saturday was day 14 in the lbk . I did a dry hop addition only and nothing else . Now this batch has started fermenting again . There is a good inch of foam in the lbk . Temp in the keg is 74 . A little high on the temp but I am icing it down with frozen water jugs and a fan . Initial fermentation was aggressive and lasted around days . Pitched 1pack wb06 at 66 degrees . So why is it refermenting ? Shou ld I let this batch go longer in the lbk ? This Saturday would be day 21 and my usual bottling day . No fermentables have been added since I capped the lbk after adding the wort and pitching the yeast . Any help or input from my fellow brewers is allways welcome . Thanks & Cheers !
  3. I has wanted to try this for years . Finally bought a kit and started my first batch December 2013 . One month later bought 2 more lbks. Now brew about twice a month and have a nice little pipeline going . One side effect I noticed to this is a better appreciation for beer . I spend $50 / 150 a month on supplies . Got a good lhbs about a hour ride away on the "el" train .. So its worth it too make a day of hitting the lhbs , then btewing a batch . I m not obsessed, just spoiled ! One side effect I noticed is a better appreciation for beer . ( And I thought C@@s Lite was good beer ) . 6 months ago I never would have took a 2nd drink of a Craft beer , now I only drink craft beers .Like I said , I 'm not obsessed , just spoiled !
  4. I just brewed up the N.W.P.A. deluxe with a few additions . Steeped .5 pounds of carapils ( @30 min) , 1oz Galena @60 min , and 1oz of Cascade @20 min . Half cup honey , 2 pale lme . Pitched 1 pack US 05 @ 68 degrees . The hop aroma is unreal ! However I still want to do a late dry hop in about a week rightt before bottling . Any suggestions on a finishing hop to use ? This is the hops I have on hand rigjt now : Sterling , , Saaz, and Glacier . I can get any other suggestions at my lhbs . Each one I have on hand are 1oz packs . Also I am adding .5oz of sweet orange peel in a few days . Basing this recipe on one I seen on the forum a few montjs back , and it sounded interesting . Any ideas out there my fellow brewers ? Thanks & Cheers !!
  5. Wow, yeah meant to say .5 pound ( half pound) carapils . And yes I always go 3 weeks in the lbk , just never saw that in a batch before . First time using S04. So it amazed me how it reacted then " cleared" up so quick.
  6. I just made a batch the other night . Pitched at 66 degrees using a packet of Safale s04 dry ale yeast . This was used with a patriot lager hme and 2 pale lme , 1.5 lbs carapils , plus bitter / flavor and finish hop additions . The fermentation was very fast and aggressive . But , it only lasted maybe 24 -36 hours . Lbk does have good trub on bottom and the beer is almost clear when shining a light thru it . I know it fermented , as the trub proves so . My question is has anyone used this yeast before and had similar results ? The product descripitoon does say fast fermentation with high sedimentation . Just amazed at how fast the initial fermentation went .
  7. Just curious, how did it taste before it was bottled ? Had that problem with my 1st batch too ( cal ) . Tasted fine before bottled. After 4 weeks was a little " green tasting" . Let it be for another two weeks and it started to taste good . Longer it conditioned better it was for a basic beer with no modifications to it. Just cracked open a Bewitched I made with rasberries in it. Only 3 weeks in the bottle and its pretty tasty . Love to see how it is in another few weeks !!
  8. They only problem I see know is potential "bottle bombs " as they seem to be WAY over carbonated. Had to sacrifice my "trup / last bottle " to bottle another batch . When I opened it up it was like a diet coke with a mentos put in it!! When I checked my other bottles and backed them off a bit they wanted to do the same thing . The bottles are all rock hard but not misshaped in any way . No idea what the deal is with them .
  9. Thanks Yankeedag. That kind of freaked me out as I never seen that happen when bottling before . I use a bottling wand so was pretty sure no trub went in the bottles. The only time I seen this was on a import beer ( Pilsner Urquell I think ) . So no worries then .
  10. Bottled a batch a 1 1/2 weeks ago. Made a Patriot lager with a pale lme & a pale dme that someone gave me. Fermented fine no problems . When I tasted it after 3 weeks in lbk, was flat tasting. Went ahead and bottled . Came out almost clear with no visible trub. Used carb drops , after about 3 days the bottles were hard as a rock . Now here is my concern , there is a noticeable amount of trub in the bottom of each bottle as well as " floaters " on the top . I did not cold crash this batch like I normally would have . And the lbk temps stayed around 68 / 72 degree range . Is something wrong with this batch as I never had this happen before.
  11. Thanks Swen & Rob. Think I may go with the Bavarian , the wheat lme & a dry hop addition. Just didn't want to see a good lme go to waste . Thanks again guys !!
  12. I just did a mexican aztec with 2 hme ,1 pale lme, 1oz palisade hops , 1cup lime juice, & 1 safbrew t58 yeast. Bottling in about 1 1/2 weeks . The aroma is really interesting . Looking to enjoy this around Memorial Day as I've heard the aztec takes at least 6 weeks to condition. Calling this one El Nino Loco ( Crazy Boy ) .
  13. I have a wheat lme that I would like to use. What refill would work with this ? I wanted to mix it with a patriot lager hme but was told it moght not work the way I would like. Hate to have it and not be able to use it. Any suggestions from my fellow brwers ?
  14. I was planning on making the patriot lager. I bought the deluxe kit. The kit comes with the pale lme and was thinking of using a golden (wheat) lme instead . Has anyone tryed this ? Would using 2 lme's in a batch be too much ? My basic idea was to use the can of Patriot lager, golden lme , 1 can cherries, and possibly a second lme ( smooth wjich came with it ). Good idea or too mad scientist ? Open for sughestions .
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