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  1. I see I was called for an opinion on BRY-97. I used it in Cream Ale, Wit and IPA Cream ale was initially butterscotch taste, but cleaned up then just corn - so meh. Wit was dryish and OK I?PA was very nice very fruity - I used some NZ hops. (The ? denotes fairly low IBUs, I used 3 oz. hops in 2 gal for late boil, flameout and dry hop adds.) So I would say Go for it. I think it gets good reviews in Biotransformation so may accentuate fruity hops flavors.
  2. Hi there! I have not looked here for a bit. Good to see it is still in use. A question how do you get IBUs in the recipe from the hops that are not boiled?
  3. Good, let us know what you make 😄
  4. Got 6 oz Pink Boots hop blend from Yakima. $5+ a 2oz bag but free FEDEX 2 day ship. Anyone else trying those? It's for Charity. Making a medium strength IPA today. Opened up the hops, VERY aromatic. The 2020 Pink Boots Blend was chosen by more than 100 PBS members during the 2019 Great American Beer Festival. The blend consists of Azacca®, El Dorado®, Idaho Gem™ and Loral®, creating a blend with tropical, citrus and piney aromatic qualities. https://www.yakimachief.com/pink-boots-blend/ Pink Boots IPA#1 PM 35 mins at 155-165 4 oz 2 row, 4 oz carapils, 2 oz oatmeal(3/4 cup) + 1/4 cup cream of wheat. Boil Pink boot blend 0.5 oz for 7 - 10 min 36-48 IBUs. Boil PB blend 0.5 oz 1-2 min - 2-4 IBUs American Ale HME - 36 IBUs, 3.5% ABVx .25 lb Sparking Amber DME 1x 6oz Booster pack Ferment 14 days with S-05 yeast 1 oz PB ops dry hop 7 days. 5.8-6 % , 70 IBUs.
  5. fly WB Hoppy On the fly fishing, I have only fished in U.K. but there, the best times are dawn and dusk when the real natural flies are out. After dark, not much. I would start accouple hours before sunset, fish until you can't see, then stick to beer and admire the stars. Besides you don't want a fish bite to make you drop the beer lol. .
  6. Talking of brown ales, The Mr. B Churchill's Nut Brown the are out of at Mr. Beer, but if you google it, it looks like every mail order outlet has it, dept. stores etc.. They used to have it in stores but I think online now only. They have to be working with some common warehouse to ship them I would figure. I don't care as I have a few from Mr B's going out of stock sale, and I won't be brewing until new year for medical reasons, but I was surprised. How different is the Moose Drool? I don't think I ever had it.
  7. Hmm surely with the British connection sugar lumps are available? Walmart in Canada has Redpath sugar cubes, but I am not sure how big they are. They even come in Turbinado! Oh they are 144 per 500g box so 3.5 gm each not 2.5 g. Hmm they might not fit. Also Rogers - make cubes. The boxes are also 500g and look the same shape so probably the same. I also a while back got a supermarket box of bigger cubes in USA so.... @cammanron Have you tried ordering by mail from USA?
  8. I use Domino sugar dots. 1 dot = 1/2 tsp, 198 to the 1 lb. box. They fit into the bottles nicely and no measuring or spillage 😄
  9. Ashley says they have tested the recipes to validate their published process. They do ongoing quality control of the product - fermenting it in the office in Tucson.
  10. I think the new brewers are on Facebook, based on the posts there are a lot which is good for Mr. B. 😄 Does that mean we are old brewers here? Well I know I am lol.
  11. Don't go by how long you have stored the yeast (assuming that was what you meant by "a year old"), use the packet date code. You can check the Mr Beer yeast by the packaging date code on the packet day and year, formatted DDDYY. My last Churchill NB Ale end of life can had a 2016 dated yeast. I did substitute a different yeast (London ESB). I did throw the can yeast in the boil. However, you have to figure that Mr Beer would package yeast that would still be viable enough by the HME best-by date. You also have to consider though if it has a viable low number of yeast cells, then it will be in growth phase longer and will make much more flavoring which may not be what you want. As mentioned above, if you do use the can yeast and get no action in a day or 2 you can put a newer yeast in as well.
  12. I am going to try the Citra American Noble I got in a Mr B American Ale I think or maybe a Pilsner?
  13. Here is another product that could save you time in brewing - but mostly I expect if you used extract though. You still have to boil the grain some, even with this I think. It comes with effective boil times of 5, 10, 15, 30, and 60-minute profiles. https://www.steamhops.com/new-products/sampler
  14. What I read from it was that they suggest you can mix the cryo hops with the American Noble in varying proportions to customize the brew. So it is like they have divided the hop cones into 2 parts with differing characters for additional brewing flexibility. That is too complicated for me though.
  15. http://resources.countrymaltgroup.com/InfoSheets/AmericanNobleHops.pdf data sheet
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