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  1. That was kinda my thought too, but they do specify different ranges in some recipes. What might work would be a "Default Temp Range" and a "Better" temp range both given.
  2. It is on the list and in the spreadsheet. I just brewed Rocket's Red Glare, and easy brew.
  3. In that case, the American Lager may provide a better base as you suggest, maybe it depends how bitter you like it though. Does this look good? Kentucky Common: American Lager HME, PM 8 oz 6 row, 4 oz Flaked corn, 1 oz Cara 60, 1 oz Carafa II, 1 oz Victory. Hops - 0.25 oz ea Mt Hood and Cluster, 10 min boil. Safale F-97 yeast. Then I get 1.045 Final Gravity 1.009 ABV 4.76% IBU 29.42 SRM 12.48 Mash pH
  4. Yeah, I looked at the American Lager but the IBUs are so high already (17) that I can't put much hops in without over bittering it beyond 19 I figure. So I picked a lower IBU HME to let me get more Fuggles and Goldings character (I used Brewer's Friend calc.) I don't see Kentucky Common in the Archives but of course it might be called something totally different. Target: IBU 19 SRM 12-14 ABV 4.5 - 5% Cheat sheet ABV SRM IBUs American light 3.50 2 11 Canadian Blonde 3.50 2 13 Aztec 3.50 2 13 American Lager 3.50 3 17 Bavarian Weissbier 3.50 3 19 Oktoberfest Lager 3.50 10 21 Bohemian Czech Pilsner 3.50 2 27 American Ale 3.50 3 36 American Porter 3.50 18 41 St Patricks Stout 3.50 40 50
  5. I did, I wrote to customer service 😎. They would be right - it will be beer, but it could be better beer. However, I think if they specify some other temp range that requires other than just sitting the LBK in the kitchen, they will discourage sales.
  6. If you were going to build this on a MR Beer HME - what would you suggest? I was thinking American Light or Canadian Blonde would take more IBU additions for the character Cluster/Mt Hood Hop additions and the PM grains. So maybe the American Light plus a pack of Smooth LME (Victory and Crystal sub.), 1 oz 6 row + 4 oz Flaked Corn + 1.5 oz Carafa -II PM, then the hops. 0.5 oz Cluster 15 min and 0.25 oz Mt Hood 5 min (and take them out? or not?) gets pretty close, ABV 4.83, IBUs 19.3, SRM 13.2. But I am not sure how the flavor will be.
  7. Talking of fermentation temps , I was looking at the "Craft Week" Recipes Mr. B has this week, and noticed that all of them say ferment between 70 and76 deg. Seems a little warm for some of them. I am thinking it is just a boilerplate number not catered to the recipe/yeasts - which is a bit disappointing. I am especially intrigued by the Pennsylvania Lager, but I am thinking even for S-04, 70-76 may be a bit high especially as Fermentis says "ideally 15-20°C (59-68°F)." And this is the Wort temp not ambient. I think I will just keep it at my cellar temp of 62-64 ambient.
  8. What? the haze is from OATs not HOPs? I have been misled. You are right , the oat starch can lead to infections but so far I have not had any and at times have used oats, flaked wheat or oat/wheat mix with no issues, and note that some brewers add flour to brews to get cloudiness. But then I only have 2 gal to lose :-). I saw one recipe that had like 3 lbs of oats in a 5 gal IPA. (AG so no starch issue) - that is HUGE - like thin hoppy oatmeal lol. Maybe there would be a market for Oat extract (50% Oat/50% Barley, similar to the wheat extracts)? I would also add that a Steeped bag of flaked oats or wheat is REALLY tough to rinse out and tends to make starch glue. So addition of barley malt and rice hulls really helps tone it down a bit and let it drain - but still tough to rinse out. The last one I did (Lemon Drop Saison) used 4 oz Flaked wheat, with 4 oz Vienna Malt Grain. 4 oz Pils malt and that rinsed OK.
  9. That said, I do have a 2 gal fermenter with a krausen collar. I much prefer the LBKs for ease of use so I do not use it much. I do not find I have a problem with trub/bits (That I am aware of anyway). If there is a lot floating I will rock the LBK to wet them a few days before bottling and it all will have settled by then.
  10. I have stored them them at ~ 62 (basement floor) and the dark ones have survived (opened with vodka, and unopened) for a couple of years beyond the date on the can. So you do not have to refrigerate, I think, if they can stay cool. Lighter malts may darken up but they should still ferment. See my post on making 3 dark ales in LBKs using up old malts. (That was a Cooper's Dark Ale can. BTW that is a very nice HME. Even standard recipe it come out like a Mild Ale.) The LBK size is why I use 3. - 2 gal each 🙂
  11. Eeew - just another thing to wash. 😎
  12. Yes. I split Cooper's 6 gal kits at regular intervals among 3 LBKs and they are each different beers with maybe different yeasts, hops and malt additions. I use only small pans and never have he 6 gal at once in any container and it has worked out fine for me. The last one was a Dark ale, that was the same additions in each except different yeast and totally different tasting out comes. For others - e.g. I did this ….. 1/3 Cooper's Pilsener HME + 8 oz pils malt + 6 oz booster + 0.5 oz Saaz flameout aroma hop. Ferment below 68 deg with 1/3 supplied yeast + 1/3 37/40 1/3 Cooper's Pilsener HME + 8 oz pils malt + 6 oz booster + 8 oz pils malt PM, 0.5 oz Saaz boil 15 min and remove , 0.5 oz Saaz flameout aroma hop leave in. Ferment below 68 deg with 1/3 supplied yeast + 1/3 37/40 1/3 Cooper's Pilsener HME + 8 oz pils malt + 6 oz booster + 8 oz pils malt + 2 oz Cara 20 PM, 0.5 oz Saaz boil 15 min and remove , 0.5 oz Saaz flameout aroma hop leave in. 0.5 Saaz Dry Hop Ferment below 68 deg with 1/3 supplied yeast + 1/3 37/40 You get your LBKS sterilized and ready with the 1 gall of cold water. You can put maybe 6 cups of water in a pan, bring to near boil and dissolve the Cooper's HME. Split the mixture 3 ways into the LBKs with a ladle. Then you can do the rest of each fermentable additions and hop treatments separately as if they were Mr Beer mixes, and add them to the target LBKs. There is no reason you have to put it all in together. If you want to be "clever" you may save time by combining the additions and splitting them off at various points to the LBKs. but it needs some planning. Just make sure you keep the lids on the LBKs any time you are not adding stuff.
  13. I edited the recipe above, but there are a lot of options that will work. Water for steep? - enough to just cover the bag. I heat water to 170 in my kettle and pour it over the bag. It cools to about 155. Then I keep it covered over the "warming" burner on the stove and check temp every so often and swish the liquid around. Make liquid up? I have a mental mark on my pot that I boil and dissolve extracts in so I top it up to there from my kettle. I wrote that incorrectly, I usually make it up to 4 cups before I boil the hops to make sure it does not boil dry. you will also get more hoppiness that way. somewhere about 4-6 cups is OK, does not have to be exact. Malts will dissolve and pour easier if in more water, but the wort in LBK will be a little hotter when you add it so you should check before pitching yeast. The boiling of 2nd hops is just to sterilize so not important how much water. You could actually do that before adding the malts if you wanted, But you do not want it in there while dissolving, hop bags get in the way of stirring. I hope you like it when you make it. This is a recipe I converted from an All Grain one in my LHBS.
  14. AHBA Big Brew day - any other participant events? Will make Lemon Drop Saison at Old Bust Head Brewery in Vint Hill, VA. Lemon drop etc Saison. Steep 4 oz Flaked wheat, with 4 oz Vienna Malt Grain. 4 oz Pils malt crushed. 30 min at 165. Strain and rinse. Boil 0.5oz Lemon Drop hops in bag 10 min in grain liquor wort. Remove hop bag to fermenter. Make liquid up to ~ 4 cups then dissolve 1 pack Mr B Golden LME and 6 oz booster Bring to boil and add 0.5 oz Lemon Drop hops in bag, let sit a couple mins to sterilize then take off heat & move hops to fermenter. Dissolve Czech Pils HME on hot wort, . Add to cold water in LBK, top up to line. ferment with Belle Saison dry hop with 0.5 oz Lemon Drop for last 7 days. Target ABV ~ 4.8% IBUs 27 (from HME) + 10 from late hop boil --> 37 IBUs Original recipe uses total 1oz hop bittering 4 oz late and dry in 5 gal. So this may be a little more bitter. Last brew I was cautious on hops so used only 1 oz rather than the 2. (scaled) It was good but more is OK, but still cautious so only using 1.5 not 5 (scaled).
  15. Bottling the Cooper's Dark Ale + leftover Dark LMEs and HBC438 hop all in similar wort - being a split up 6 gal brew with different yeasts One with S-33 yeast. Minot film on surface, Tastes pretty dry roasty, a little warming, spicy peppery finish. One with Windsor yeast. Clear surface, Sweeter, more rounded than S-33 brew, a little warming, not peppery. Tomorrow the last one - different yeast again- S-04
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