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  1. Bavarian Weissbier sold by Target on ebay, $5.68/ can plus tax and shipping, I got four cans shipping was free after 2 cans order, and the tax was under 2 bucks! still the total I spent was 24.98 I think on 4 cans!!!! limited quantites

    1. Nickfixit
    2. Nickfixit


      I had to get 5 for free shipping but it is a great deal. Thanks again.


      Also a good deal, I am trying the Cooper's Dark ale I got on sale (6 gal kit) I will split between 3 LBKs 

      IIt was $18 (& free shipping) for the can - so that is $6 per LBK but I have to add 2 malt packs to get to 4.5% - say 1 lb DME is $4 at LHBS. I may add 1.5 lb.  So that gets to $12-14 per LBK. I have lots of spare Cooper's yeast packs. and enough hop packs to play with the aromas so that looks like a good deal too. That will be the next brew. I have to wait for 3 LBKs to become available and I will make 3 different brews with it.

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