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  1. I am thinking that your deformed caps are either a bad batch or you are seriously over-carbonating to deform them. Either way replacing the caps looks like a fix. Did you have any really highly carbonated brews?
  2. I would just take the rings off and see if that fixes it, if not, try to isolate the bottles so you can tell which ones do it then replace them as you suggest. You could also try just using new caps (minus the ring).
  3. On a different note - did you notice that Mr B now includes TWO LMEs with the Deluxe refills?!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Yay - "Pinetop the Elevated Beer. …...You have to be high to get it" No - wait a minute - that does not sound right. lol.
  5. Next is he Pennsylvania Lager Mr B recipe after I bottle the Belgian Ale.
  6. Got partial mash grains for Mr B Pennsylvania lager but first I have a Belgian Ale to make, to use up saved Forbidden Fruit yeast.
  7. Last time I did this is worked out OK, but I did not read those instructions. As a result I added REAL CLEAN trub plus yeast to the new brew. THe new brew actuallybenefitted from some flavors left from the old.
  8. Or you could get 1 or 2 of the 1 gall all grain BIAB kits. or if you have a local home brew store I am sure they would love to help you - even the online ones if you give them a call. I would expect most of the MR Beer ones would be good - but as he says - no harm in asking.
  9. What I think I got from the Mr Beer staff on the Facebook page is that the Mr Beer yeast was formulated specifically for quick fermentation and that they had tested recipes using the 14 day formula before they rewrote the instructions. However they also said - if you have a different process that works - it is probably good to keep using it. But their "standard" instructions are 2 weeks. Temperature will also have an impact. I think Mr Beer forum brewers tend to brew in the 60's, and that might take longer than if you follow the Mr Beer instructions which say to brew a bit warmer but it will depend on the yeast. Not all say 14 days though e.g. Hidden Lake Amber Ale "Put your fermenter in a location with a consistent temperature between 68° and 78° F (20°-25° C), and out of direct sunlight. Ferment for 21 days." Unclear if they will change this. They do seem to be having a lot of good sales recently so maybe that is an attempt tp move more product. I know I took advantage of it - but how much can you buy - lol.
  10. Mine carb at ~ 62-64 deg. It takes 3 weeks or so - sometimes less - depends on the yeast. But I have a big varied pipeline (up to a year old) and rarely drink beer less than 1-2 months old. Mine that do not carb I can see bubbles on the beer surface usually, I can usually fix that by adding another sugar dot and replacing the cap (quickly) with a new one (ring removed). I keep spares for this.
  11. Rather than create a new topic I am posting here since this is hop related. Josh Ratcliff posted this on Mr. B. Facebook so here it is in case you do not monitor that. It is quite relevant if you like hop forward beers like East Coast IPAs. https://scottjanish.com/examination-of-studies-hopping-methods-and-concepts-for-achieving-maximum-hop-aroma-and-flavor/?fbclid=IwAR0JFx2eJdcpwZi5kHLE7oI4NT_l1RNFDKiarkR1ZUEEcvM5uHRm-d25ju8
  12. Another interesting brewing thing - Mr Beer's latest Low carb recipes using Beano - 2 tabs per LBK. I never heard of this before. I guess it breaks down the unfermentables in the HME to enable them to ferment, as they manage to get 4% ABV out of just an HME can. It would make a beer that is very low on mouthfeel and body I guess, and low on maltiness. One recipe also uses steeped oats (no barley) . Does Beano also work on the oat starch - or is this still a potential target for infection? What will it do to Booster? (Looking for analysis before and after enzyme action breakdown.) Anyone tried this?
  13. I agree it will be very toffee malty. If you like that it is OK. The US-05 will give cleanest driest beer and go down to mid 50's for fermentation. Otherwise use the standard recipe/yeast and see what you think. Then you will know which direction you will want to go. You can run the Mr B yeast at 65 if you want but not much lower. I ferment most thigns at 65 these days unless lagers or saisons.
  14. If you brew the can in 1 gallon of water, you will get ~ 6-6.5%? beer. Will it be too hoppy? will it be too malty? That will depend on your subjective taste. Note that there are some Mr Beer recipes that use 2 HME short cans. So you could look to those as models. So yes you can get an acceptable drink doing that - but acceptability depends on YOU. e.g. https://www.mrbeer.com/munich-malt-monster-recipe https://www.mrbeer.com/surly-dog-ipa-recipe https://www.mrbeer.com/double-black-diamond-recipe-now-with-palisade-hops You could make 1 gal of these by halving the other additions. Look for recipes that are in the price range of $45-55 for ideas.
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