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  1. Got 6 oz Pink Boots hop blend from Yakima. $5+ a 2oz bag but free FEDEX 2 day ship.  Anyone else trying those? It's for Charity.

    Making a medium strength IPA today.  

    Opened up the hops, VERY aromatic.

    The 2020 Pink Boots Blend was chosen by more than 100 PBS members during the 2019 Great American Beer Festival. The blend consists of Azacca®, El Dorado®, Idaho Gem™ and Loral®, creating a blend with tropical, citrus and piney aromatic qualities.



    Pink Boots IPA#1
    PM 35 mins at 155-165 4 oz 2 row, 4 oz carapils, 2 oz oatmeal(3/4 cup) + 1/4 cup cream of wheat.
    Boil Pink boot blend 0.5 oz for 7  - 10 min  36-48 IBUs.  
    Boil PB blend 0.5 oz 1-2 min   - 2-4 IBUs
    American Ale HME - 36 IBUs, 3.5% ABVx
    .25 lb Sparking Amber DME
    1x 6oz Booster pack
    Ferment 14 days with  S-05 yeast
    1 oz PB ops dry hop 7 days.
    5.8-6 % , 70 IBUs.


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  2. fly WB Hoppy

    On the fly fishing, I have only fished in U.K. but there, the best times are dawn and dusk when the real natural flies are out. After dark, not much.  I would start accouple hours before sunset, fish until you can't see, then stick to beer and admire the stars. Besides you don't want a fish bite to make you drop the beer lol.




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  3. Talking of brown ales, The Mr. B Churchill's Nut Brown the are out of at Mr. Beer, but if you google it,  it looks like every mail order outlet has it, dept. stores etc.. They used to have it in stores but I think online now only. They have to be working with some common warehouse to ship them I would figure. I don't care as I have a few from Mr B's going out of stock sale, and I won't be brewing until new year for medical reasons, but I was surprised. 


    How different is the Moose Drool? I don't think I ever had it.


  4. On 11/18/2019 at 7:14 AM, RickBeer said:

    OP has noted that dots are not available in Canada...

    Hmm surely with the British connection sugar lumps are available?

    Walmart in Canada has  Redpath sugar cubes, but I am not sure how big they are. They even come in Turbinado! Oh they are 144 per 500g box so 3.5 gm each not 2.5 g. Hmm they might not fit. Also Rogers - make cubes. The boxes are also 500g and look the same shape so probably the same. I also a while back got a supermarket box of bigger cubes in USA so....



    Have you tried ordering by mail from USA?

  5. 7 hours ago, BDawg62 said:

    @Cammanron as @Jdub said, I wouldn’t worry about carb drops. They will add too much carbonation to your beer anyway. 1/2tsp per 12oz bottle is the better way to go. 

    I use Domino sugar dots. 1 dot = 1/2 tsp, 198 to the 1 lb. box. They fit into the bottles nicely and no measuring or spillage 😄

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  6. 23 hours ago, Jdub said:

    Ya I think all the new brewers are on FB. Mrb is recommending fermenting in the low 70’s which goes against what I learned about mrb kits early on. I guess proof is in the results. Brewers seem to be happy with their beer. 

    Ashley says they have tested the recipes to validate their published process. They do ongoing quality control of the product - fermenting it in the office in Tucson.


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  7. Don't go by how long you have stored the yeast (assuming that was what you meant by "a year old"), use the packet date code. You can check the Mr Beer yeast  by the packaging  date code on  the packet   day and year, formatted DDDYY. My last Churchill NB Ale end of life can had a 2016 dated yeast. I did substitute a different yeast  (London ESB). I did throw the can yeast in the boil.

    However, you have to figure that Mr Beer would package yeast that would still be viable enough by the HME best-by date. You also have to consider though if it has a viable  low number of yeast cells, then it will be in growth phase longer and will make much more flavoring which may not be what you want. As mentioned above, if you do use the can yeast and get no action in a day or 2 you  can put a newer yeast in as well.


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  8. 19 hours ago, kedogn said:

    Earlier this year they sent us a sampler box with 2 11# bags of these (not sure which exactly).  We have not used any as of yet. 

    Here is another product that could save you time in brewing - but mostly I expect if you used extract though. You still have to boil the grain some, even with this I think.  It comes with effective boil times of 5, 10, 15, 30, and 60-minute profiles.




  9. What I read from it was that they suggest you can mix the cryo hops with the American Noble in varying proportions to customize the brew.

    So it is like they have divided the hop cones into 2 parts with differing characters for additional brewing flexibility.


    That is too complicated for me though.


  10. Side by side test  Am Noble and T-90



    Varieties available



    breakdown of pellet contents



     for comparison, regular T-90 

    Acid Composition Breakdown
    Alpha Acid: 11 – 14%
    Beta Acid: 3.0 – 4.5%
    Co-Humulone: 20 – 24%
    Oil Composition Breakdown
    Total Oils: 2.2 – 2.8 mL (per 100 grams)
    Myrcene Oil: 60 – 65% (of total)
    Humulene Oil: 7 – 13% (of total)
    B-Pinene Oil: 0.7 – 1.0% (of total)
    Caryophyllene Oil: 6 – 8% (of total)
    Farnesene Oil: <1% (of total)
    Linalool Oil: 0.6 – 0.9 % (of total)
    Geraniol Oil: 0.3 – 0.5 % (of total
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  11. YCH is marketing what they call American Noble hops. These are low AA (1-3) pellets made from the leftover bits after making their cryo product.

    THey are intended to impart the American flavors into beers that you would otherwise use Noble hops for.

    So it is not a hop blast like for IPAs. It is a more subtle nuanced result.


    Has anyone used these?


    I got a 2 oz pkt intending to make a Space Dust clone, but I don't think they are up to it. I need T-90 pellets.


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  12. On 9/11/2019 at 8:21 PM, gophers6 said:

    Glad to see someone else using the finger in the bottle trick. If I don't do this, I end up with a ring where the top of the beer was. 

    You know there is a certain poster on here (not naming him but his last name rhymes with deer) who thinks I'm imagining "ring around the bottle." 

    This finger in bottle is even endorsed by Mr Beer's Ashley.

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    "A while back I brewed a little 1-gallon all-grain Kit. It was weak and impotent (which really taxed my ego). It consisted of 1-1/2 lb of 2-row and 1/2 ounce of Kent Goldings hops."

    Don't feel bad, this was a pretty light brew anyway. a quick scan on recipe builder puts it a little over 4% ABV even with the right amount of water.

    So it will taste pretty thin.


    Your new amounts look like just under 6% so a big difference. 


    Do you remember what ABV did the kit claim?

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  13. 3 hours ago, Fire Rooster said:


    I think "Sugar is Sugar" is a misleading statement. 

     Correct me if I'm wrong, I believe the following is true.


    Carbonation Drops = 27% Glucose & 73% Sucrose


    Sugar Cane Plant = 50% Glucose & 50% Fructose







    In your link it says sucrose breaks down  (when by yeast via enzyme invertase) to 50% Glucose, 50% Fructose so that leads to 

    Carbo drops  --> 27% Glucose & 73% Sucrose-->  63% Glucose, 37% Fructose

    Sugar dots -->  100% Sucrose --> 50% Glucose , 50% Fructose (via enzyme invertase)



    So other than the yeast having to break down more  sucrose (and they need to do it for both)  I don't think it is grossly different - unless there are conditions that prevent that.


    Conveniently, sugar dots are 0.5 tsp, I use --> 1 per 12 oz, 2 per .75 mL, 3 per 1L. (Sometimes less for dark ales)

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  14. On 8/29/2019 at 10:14 PM, Bonsai & Brew said:

    I'm still brewing mash-in-sack on the stovetop and have been doing step-mashes per your link to the Devil's Backbone mash schedule posted some months ago -- 20 min. at 136 F, 20 min. at 148, and 20 min. at 158 F.  I don't know that it's made a noticeable difference in my all-grain recipes but I do enjoy the challenge of trying to hit those stops.🍻

    Hope it comes out well  - taste comparison will be interesting.


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