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  1. From the album: Beer Events - Learn to Homebrew day 2014

    Lunch! Various Mr Beer kits on the tables also joining in.
  2. From the album: Beer Events - Learn to Homebrew day 2014

    The brewery was nice enough to let us use the covered area as rain was forecast.
  3. From the album: Beer Events - Learn to Homebrew day 2014

    This rig had a fancy controller on it to monitor/control 3 boiling pots.
  4. From the album: Nickfixit Beer Pics.

    Good color and head, surprisingly bitter for no added hops.
  5. From the album: Nickfixit Beer Pics.

    Made this using dry spice powder, 2 tsp pumpkin and 2 tsp ginger. It had a nice warmth from the ginger. This year's version using mulling spices was too spicy tasting for me.
  6. From the album: Nickfixit Beer Pics.

    My first brew in an 8LX brew keg. Still bubbling a bit but I took the Krausen ring out with the crud on it.
  7. From the album: Nickfixit Beer Pics.

    How to fit a 5 gal kit into Mr B LBKs. I made this up to 6 gal and added malt in proportion. It is a very light non bitter kit but a pleasant drink for non hop fiends.
  8. From the album: Nickfixit Beer Pics.

    Using up old 550g, Mr B can I found cheap on Amazon and substituting 2 LME for the booster. Turned out well.
  9. From the album: Nickfixit Beer Pics.

    This was a hit, with good aroma as I dry hopped 1oz Cascade 1 week before bottling. Ignore the bottle label - reuse :-).
  10. How much air did you leave in the water bottles so they would not burst when frozen?
  11. I just received one and will be starting it within the next few.
  12. After a couple months - really nice and great aroma.
  13. It is nice to use a hydrometer to check the apv, but I have concern with the lbk, it is so small I really do not want to pull off enough wort to fill a vessel for the hydrometer and throw it out, and it is not deep enough to put it right in. Also I worry about putting the wort back in after from a sanitation perspective, so I do not use one. I just go by what I put in, ferment until finished activity, and check the taste (not sweet) before bottling. So far so good :-). And I really do not care closer than +/-0.5%. Also I worry about getting wort on outside of keg tap allowing organisms to grow on it (not cleanable) - potentially infecting the beer when bottling. If I was doing 5 gals, no concern, I would chuck it after measuring. How do you folks do it?
  14. I get pretty consistent results using 2.5 gm sugar dots (cubes). No measuring, cheaper than the carb drops, easy to keep clean- boxed and you can ziplock bag it if concerned but I never had any infections yet. Conveniently, each dot is 1/2 tsp. Use 1/2cube for 12 oz bottle. A big kitchen knife divides them nicely (position it and whack it.)
  15. Agreed - I use the sugar cubes too. Use the 2.5 gm cubes not the large ones. The 2.5 gm cubes fit in the bottle easily and no messy sugar measuring or spills. I use 5 for 1L bottles, 3 for 750 ml, 2 for 500ml, and 1/2 for 12 oz bottles. mostly it works OK. If the beer is not fermented right out sometimes it is overdone.
  16. Ignore the reused bottle label. I made the basic recipe but added 1 oz Cascade hop pellets dry (in bag) for 1 week before bottling after discussion with Mr Beer brewmaster. Tasted great after only 1 week. Sure to improve. You could also try the Hopiphany recipe. I found that good too.
  17. If you want a good brown ale, try the Mr Beer Nut Brown. I made the Nut Brown Ale seasonal just as it says. It is delicious. A co-worker said he would buy that if he could get it.
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