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  1. This is why the Mr B yeast makes malty brews isn't it, as it attenuates less than US-05?
  2. Difference in new LBK is the spigot which also has a different size fitting hole ( :-/) but does come apart or cleaning ( 🙂 and the size of the top hole which makes cleaning easier. Mine though are also darker, making it very difficult to see the liquid levels - can't easily see liquid from outside or line from inside. Flashlight and tape markers help. I just (Sept) made a Diablo with the Mr B yeast. Good but I should have put some aroma hop in.
  3. If you like not too hoppy sweeter dark beers here is one to try. I just happened to have the pale choc but you probably could make it all choc. It is an easy steep. It is one of my favorites. You can also cold steep the choc grains overnight in the fridge and use water from that. Double Deluxe Milk Choc Porter. Porter HME, 1x Robust, 1xSmooth LMEs, 1/4 cup lactose, 1/2 oz. EKGoldings hop 5 min boil, 20 min steep 160 deg 1 oz choc and 1 oz pale choc grains. Mr B yeast. Ferment 63-65. OG BRIX 12.8 My process: Steep Grains, drain & rinse grain bag, make grain water up to 4 cups, boil hops in grain water, turn out flame, transfer hop bag to LBK into the cold water at 1st mark (I find this prevents splashes later), dissolve all malts and lactose in hot wort, transfer to LBK, top up, and pitch and ferment as usual. My range has a warmer burner on the top that will keep pots at less than boiling. It works well for this. I start with 170 deg. water from my electric kettle/water boiler. and I can use that for rinsing too. After pouring on the bagged grains in the pot it ends up at about 160-165.
  4. Does adding 5g of cooked yeast change the flavor?
  5. So if one was to have a rule of thumb based on the above ref to calculator and the 1/2 Safale pack, for average strength Mr. Beer LBK recipes, the Mr. B yeast pack of 5g is about right (surprise) when fresh. So this is also ~ equivalent to 1/2 a Safale 11g pack. With using 1/2 pack you get the potential issue though of saving the rest of the pack and having it be still good. I have been cavalier about the storage but I have had OK results with remaining 1/2 packs. So mostly I will put the whole 11g pack in. But I expect I should put them 1/2 packs in the freezer. Rick says that the yeast can be lazy if over pitched - how much over pitching is needed to cause this? Is 11g in an LBK ever going to do it? I do not remember having an issue with either 1/2 or full 11g pack. But I do not brew extreme beer. I have used < 1/2 pack to make more flavored esters in wheat beer.
  6. The Pet stores have them in reptile aquarium section. they have a long cable so I put that through the cooler drain hole so I can read it from outside if I am doing lagers with ice packs
  7. Maybe I got ruined on cigars by having to smoke 2 per performance while acting in an amateur theater production - no idea what kind. Fortunately I did not actually throw up.
  8. So it really depends how accurate you want to be……… in measuring ABV. I am not overly concerned except to be sure the yeast is done. But for the concerned...………… here is more stuff to look at.🤓 What I read online is this based on water SG = 1 and ethyl alcohol SG = 0.8 ************ 131.25 is to calc ABV (Alcohol by Volume) 105 is to calc calculate ABW (Alcohol by Weight) ((OG - FG) * 105) * 1.25 = ABV So: (OG - FG) * 131.25 = ABV These formulas are flawed in that they get progressively inaccurate with higher ABV, but are within 0.2% up to around 9% ************ But at what temperature - this chart from U.S. Bureau of Standards below is at 60 deg. F. I see Alcohol SG at 25 deg. C (77 deg. F) is 0.787 and at 60 deg. F. is 0.794 (100% on chart below) So it looks like most standards are taken at 60 def F and (unless you work in metric lol) This site https://learn.kegerator.com/specific-gravity/ uses the 132.715 number but tells you to use the temperature correction given in your hydrometer instructions - but does not tell you what number to correct it for (duh) I read a reference cited as from Cooper's;(OG-FG)/7.64+.5=ABV% Maybe this works for Australian beer? There is also the issue of effect of additional dissolved compounds that will raise the SG, like unfermentable sugars. For pure water alcohol mix at 60 deg. F. you can use this U.S. Bureau of Standards . Or for a glorious dissertation of the actual formulae and real numbers go here: https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/attachments/0000/2497/Math_in_Mash_SummerZym95.pdf This includes a temperature correction chart referenced to 60 deg. F. At 70 deg F, the correction is 1.05, so relatively the 1% may really be small compared to other effects including reading inaccuracy 😮. Usually OG and FG will be made at different temperatures so unless corrected that too can cause errors. Reminder - If you are calibrating your hydrometer use distilled water and check temperature correction. Phew! Now it is time for a homebrew and watching football.
  9. My impressions of tobacco smoke. Fortunately, cigarettes taste better than they smell. Unfortunately pipe tobacco smells better than it tastes. Very unfortunately cigars neither taste or smell good - and tend to make me nauseous. (Don't tell me to try harder - 😄) Disclosure - I smoked for ~ 20 years before giving it up for good some 40 years ago.
  10. Well, I rewashed and re DME'd it and it is showing activity I think. I may have a wild yeast in there as you surmise. I still might try using it to se what it is - but I will taste the spent culture wort first to make sure it is not rotten tasting. If it is I will chuck it out.
  11. If I am using half a yeast pack I will use sanitized scissors, but pitch it direct from the packet into the LBK. I distribute the yeast inside and fold the pkt. in half before opening it so I can shake half out. Then I scotch tape it shut, folding the tape over the cut end. I store it in low 60's in my basement. But mostly I just put the whole thing in. If it is a cost thing (e.g. liquid yeast), I think one does better maybe to save the yeast from the LBK for a second batch, or divide it before pitching (put into sterilized jar with sterile water and shake to mix then pitch half the mix.).
  12. True, saucers of beer are lethal for slugs
  13. You will get some idea when you taste at bottling.
  14. OK, I washed the dregs, and reapplied some cold boiled water and DME. We will see what happens. AND I shook it well, 😄
  15. Don't worry, I always sneak early samples. Usually from the last part filled bottle or trub bottle, and then maybe a bit later. Using 12 oz bottle is better for tis as you waste less if it is not ready. I mostly use 750ml's so have to be a bit more cautious about using something that might not be good yet, but I still do sneak a bottle ahead of time. I figure as they change over time one has to try to know what is best for one's taste. Trying them over time will let you know that they actually DO get better 😄 (As Rick B says - lol.) Anyway it is your hobby, but we want you to enjoy it too and give us the feedback from your experiences too.
  16. Not to jinx you but I have broken a bottle with my hand lever operated capper before now (just one though) That was because I had the cap on crooked.
  17. Hmm, mine stopped activity so I measured the BRIX. 6.1 == 1.023 still. So if it was fermenting it did not use much. I am going to wash it and give it more malt and see if it does anything else. Thanks for the shaking hint. I did shake a little but not much. I will shake a lot next round.
  18. Well, maybe if it turns out to be a wild yeast it will be a good one lol.
  19. So your earlier pic was after about a week? Does mine look active enough for 3 days? I only made the malt 1.020 with wheat malt too, and the first couple of days were below 70. Also bear in mind this is not super mass production it is from their pilotbrewery. Wait? You have TWO jars of it?
  20. Something is a happenin' after 3 days - I am not sure this was well pasteurized...…………………..
  21. So do they pasteurize and then just add "stuff" into the bottle for wheat beer effect - to make it look real? The marvels of modern brewing...………. I will say though D Kristof has a pretty good starter going for just a wild yeast float in. Seems hard to think that none of this came from the beer dregs. Mine though is not doing anything like that yet. I put 1.020 fermentables on it and it is maybe a bit cool - below 70. I will leave it for a bit more before I give up though.
  22. Here is an example of a pellicule. I get these every so often, I must have the bugs in my basement. This will change the taste but not undrinkable. But no audible crunch - lol.
  23. Not much you can do except let it do its thing and taste it when time comes to bottle. If it tastes bad chuck it, if drinkable bottle it. You could taste it now with a sterile spoon I guess but I would let if go - you are only 3 days away.
  24. It has seemed to me that it is not that the beer really goes flat, it is just that there is very little head retention so that even though you get some bubbles, you cannot see the result. This can be the result of soap or cleaning residues, so if you use any soap make sure LBK or bottles are well rinsed. Otherwise it maybe just not enough hops or dextrines in the wort. Also you can increase the head retention by adding maltodextrin powder or using a partial mash of dextrin malt or Carapil, also flaked grains - barley or wheat or oats. And even more hopping. You can even add the powder (it is sterile) into the LBK after the wort. This may help: http://beersmith.com/blog/2008/06/25/enhancing-beer-head-retention-for-home-brewers/ The 3 days in the fridge also helps. If CO2 is not absorbed, you cannot get bubbles. There are also other opinions on that too - in that a couple of days does make some improvement but it is limited, but you need to try it and see what works best for you. https://homebrew.stackexchange.com/questions/15058/how-long-should-a-carbonated-bottle-be-refrigerated-prior-to-drinking I am one of those that only brews Mr Beer (or similar HME based) kits.
  25. I found some - 30 min drive away. Tastes good and I saved the yeast in the fridge. Should I wait to get all 6 bottles emptied before I try it with malt? or make the malt up and keep adding the yeast as I drink them?
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