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  1. Two quick questions to ask. How long can you bulk age a beer in a better bottle? I have a RIS in a glass carboy aging but would like to age some other big beers for at least 6 months. As for cold crashing, I have a pseudo schwarzbier in the bucket now for 14 days. I was planning on putting it in the fridge for a few days,then keg it and cold condition it in the keg for a month or two. Does that sound right? Thanks as always, Rudy
  2. Turns out it was the wrong size o-ring. I do use keg lube also. Put a new set on and it works perfectly. Thanks all for the help.
  3. Thanks so much yooper. Just found the names on the side. One is firestone and one is a champion. Cheers !
  4. Mines a Kegco 2 tap model. It holds 3 corneys but only 2 on tap. I love it and the only problem was the standard faucets. If you dont use them alot ,they would freeze up bad. I bought 2 perlics and they solved the problem . Good luck
  5. I seem to have a hard time getting my quick disconnects on and off my 2 used kegs. I bought 2 new ones and they snap right on. I would like to put new poppets in but wasn`t sure how to get them out. Any advice? Thanks as always
  6. I purchased my kegerator from The Beverage factory. They have a lot of stuff. I also got 2 used kegs from them too.
  7. I would like to start carbing my beers outside of the keggerator in my garage.This way I dont have to remove the 5lb tank anywhere near as often.The tank in the garage will be for carbing and the one in the kegerator just for serving.Is there anything I need to do since the garage is warmer than the kegerator? I always dispense at 12psi at 35 degrees. Thanks as always
  8. Brewed an AG dunkel today and used fermcap for first time to prevent boilover.Put a few drops in at hot break and stirred and worked like a charm. When transfering into fermentor later I noticed there was no foam at all when pouring it into bucket. I`ve always had an inch or 2 of foam and then whisked before adding yeast. Could thin be from the fermcap and any cause for alarm? Thanks as always
  9. Thanks all. Will probably just get a good ss 10 gallon pot. I only make about 12 batches a year so I guess I dont really need all the extras. Did order the fermcap though! Wish I knew about that along time ago
  10. Found the recipe I wanted and plan on making it next weekend. Problem is it seems everybody is sold out on liquid lager yeast. Safelager 34/70 is available but not sure how that is. Also thought of going with wyeast 1007 fermented cool and do it as an ale. Any advice or suggestions? Thanks as always
  11. With christmas coming I`m looking for a new brew pot. I`ve been brewing in an 8 gal turkey fryer pot since I started.Since doing full boils it gets a little hairy with 6 gallons in there with hot break etc. I want a ss 10 gallon pot but need some advice. Should I get one with built in thermometer and ball valve. I am doing some AG batches and I see how some pots double as mash tuns. Just want to get something I wont outgrow. Thanks ,Barry
  12. Ended up doing an Altbier with an 11,5 lb grain bill. The homade curtain/bag worked perfect but did just as dayooper thought.Little to no flow from the spigot. I lifted the bag slightly and it flowed great. Batch sparged and did the same thing. Ended up with 6.5 gallons and hit all my numbers. You guys were right that the AG gets easier as you do it. Thanks
  13. Now that I`m getting comfortable with AG I would like to make a traditional German Bock with an OG around 1.065 or so. Anyone have a good recipe ? Thanks
  14. Update. Kegged it ,carbed it and its one of the best Octoberfests I`ve had. I haven`t been this happy since Carter didn`t get a second term! Thanks to all of you for the advice and looking foward to many more and less stressful all grains.
  15. I just had my co2 bottle refilled and hooked up 2 new full kegs to carbonate. I was going to clean all the lines etc and hook up the taps after a week to see how there carbing. If there not ready,do I have to dis-connect the liquid lines or can I leave them hooked up ? Thanks as always
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