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  1. so let it boil, once its at that temperature, let the grains sit in the water for 20-30 minutes, then take that liquid and pour it in the LBK? Sorry for my ignorance with the topic, i've never done this before
  2. if anyone was curious like I was, this has been my favorite Mr.B batch I've made so far, so drinkable and has quite the kick, that Smooth LME really makes all the difference!
  3. Hey Everyone, I have 3 batches under my belt and I want to try to achieve some nice foamy head. I pretty much have ZERO when I pour the beers. I have only used Mr.Beer products in brewing so I have no idea where to even begin on how to use grains or anything like that. There is a homebrew store not too far from my house that I'm sure has Carafoam. My next brew is probably going to be the Chug-A-Lugger Help! I have been chasing taste instead of ABV and made an excellent Jamaica Mon that I'm quite proud of, just wish the presentation when pouring looked better. Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone, I left some brew in my LBK for 3 extra weeks (had no choice, long story) for a total of 6 weeks in the LBK. I used a bottling want to bottle my beers and add sugar (I used carbo drops) as you're supposed to. What I noticed when using the wand is that the beers had very little trub compared to when I didn't use the want. It has also been 3 days and I'm squeezing my PET bottles, and they aren't carbed yet. I remember my first batch carbed VERY quickly (didnt use a wand) Using a wand clearly kept a significant amount of trub OUT of the bottles. Did I ruin the batch? Can it be carbed? I made 4 gallons, combination of PET and 12oz glass bottles. Thanks -AT
  5. I have to transport two full LBKs. I am going to put them in containers so they won't spill for the ride. Obviously they will be shooken up a bit. They have been sitting for 6 weeks. Once I get them to the new location, any recommendations? I obviously need to let them sit again to settle, but for how long ? And no, I can't bottle them first before I move them. I would have if that was an option. Thanks everyone
  6. Hey everyone, I started brewing the day after Christmas and I was so excited. Before I even started brewing I was on the forums constantly! Reading them in bed with my girlfriend, at work (like I am now) It is the best way to get information on what to do . A special note to new brewers: I am still one myself, I am no way as experienced at the vets on this site. I have a total of one batch complete and two more brewing as we speak. This is my first batch of the Czech Pilsner. I did the 3-4 method as it seemed to be the common theme on the site. It seems to be the MOST IMPORTANT thing (in my opinion after sanitation) in brewing. That wait is rough but it is so worth it. My LBK yielded 11 PET bottles that came with the kit. I tried one a week early just to get a flavor profile and to see how much better my final product could be. Oh man was that early beer hard to take down, you could taste the "green" , That extra week really turned my beer into a beer that I was actually proud of. All in all I am pleased with how it came out. I would have loved a little more ABV (but when chasing flavor ABV will come) and some more head retention, but as a first beer, I can't complain. Enjoy the pics, cheers everyone. -Austin -Long Island, NY
  7. I just made some CAL and added some LME on 2/1 It had great krausen so I'm excited to have this one. Good luck and welcome to the world of brewing! -Austin
  8. So this is my third batch. Its CAL with a Pale LME. I had great krausen but didnt have that much traub on the bottom of the keg. I know sometimes traub amounts very per patch. What worries me about this batch is that (see picture) It looks like I JUST poured the yeast pack in when this batch was made on 2/1 Does it just need to ferment more? This is my 3rd batch and this is the first time i've noticed it. I know what typical "yeastie floaties" look like but this literally looks like I just poured my pack in. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  9. Hey everyone, I took advantage of the BOGO deal with the patriot refill. I plan to use both patriot HMEs in one batch, can I use BOTH LME's as well? Or is that too many adjuncts for one batch. Also what does the patriot taste like?
  10. If I end up getting it with the 2 for 1 deal, I'm just going to use both HME's in one batch
  11. Hey yall, I have never brewed it but I see it's on sale on the website so I may pick it up. Besides the obvious description of the beer on the website, does anyone have first hand taste experience with it? Thanks!
  12. Can you please email me about this amtaylor89@gmail.com id like to buy some, thanks
  13. Wha gwon! I just ordered some jamaica mon and i'm really excited for it. I'd love to see some of your experiences with it.
  14. wow, that looks incredible! I just ordered it myself, really excited!
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