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  1. Cool! Thanks! I was thinking of brewing this kit Barleywine It says that it yields 5 gallons. do you think that is a typo?
  2. So I brewed my first beer and it should be ready to drink today! I'm going to brew an Irish Stout this weekend so It'll be ready by Saint Patricks Day. After that I wanted to move onto a more complicated recipe. I was looking at Northern Brewer's 1 gallon Small Batch kits. Can I just buy 2 Kits and double the recipe so that I can use the LBK? Is it really that easy? Has anybody done this before? anybody have any tips?
  3. So… Its been two weeks since I brewed my first batch. I was super excited to bottle. I did a quick taste and it tastes yeasty. Is this normal? It didn’t taste sweet at all, just yeasty. its been In the LBK for 2 weeks exactly. Should I wait another week? Is it ok? How is it supposed to taste?
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