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  1. What about using a Muntons HME? would I still just put it at 1oz @ 5 minute's for a 3.3 lb can or should it be 2 oz?
  2. Thanks guy's. just talked to guy @ LHBS and he said the yeast I used S-04 will probably not produce much sediment so I can not really use that as an indicator. I will just let them sit for 3-4 week's and if they are still not carbed I will just chalk it up to experience.(and drink flat beer, LOL).
  3. Yep! I batched primed and I for sure put the sugar in. the reason I don't think there is enough yeast because there is absolutely no sediment in the bottom of bottle. usually I can see sediment forming after the first 12 hour's or so.
  4. Has any one ever reseeded there bottle's with yeast or heard of this? to make a long story short I don't think I have enough yeast in suspension to get my beer carbed. I bottled on Tuesday and there is NO sediment in the bottle's and my plastic test bottle is not getting hard. I have about 20oz of beer from the bottom of the fermenter(lost about 1/2 gallon) that is very trubish. I was wondering if I could use that to reseed the bottle's. I would sanitize the outside of the bottle's, take the cap of, shake up the trub bottle and use a sanitized eye dropper to put some in each bottle then recap them. what do you all think?
  5. My buddy made some really awesome bread with ours last brew day. I will be brewing a Black IPA next week and will give him the grains to make bread and dog treats.
  6. How did this turn out? I know it is to late but my advise when adding pumpkin puree is to either put it in the mash when doing an all grain or if you put it in the boil use a mesh bag to strain as much of the solids as possible out. I learned the hard way. made a 5 gallon batch, used 3 cans of puree in the boil and did not filter. I lost over a gallon to the pumpkin solids and all the spices clung to them so it did not have much flavor at all. this years batch I will be adding the pumpkin to the mash in an all grain recipe.
  7. Well sounds like you gave it a good try. thanks for the updates.
  8. Well that sucks you will be so tied up. as for temp's you could always brew some saisons, they are brewed at higher temps.
  9. Just did my first AG yesterday. did a small batch in the Mr.Beer LBK. It is a cream ale. I did a BIAB.
  10. Yes you can use a BIAB and skip the whole manifold mess. some people even split there grain bill into multiple bags, makes it easier to lift them out. here is a link to a video of a guy using this method. I will be using this method next month to do a barley wine. I will split my grain bill in to 2 bags.
  11. Welcome to home brewing. sounds like you are getting some great advice from the rest of the group. despite your disappointment with your fist batch I suggest you keep at it. use it as a learning experience, you will get the hang of things and will be making awesome beer in no time.
  12. I have been using masking tape and a Sharpe. was thinking of using that beerlableizer site. this is one I came up with
  13. I have had 3 saisons in the last 2 months. they have all been cloudy but very good. like nothing you have ever had before. I just had a Kumbocha saison at my local tap house and WOW! it was amazing. very fruity, yeasty and tart. I believe saisons ferment at higher temps. I saw one video from the guys at northern brewer where the fermented one at like 82 F.
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