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  1. I am down sizing a 5 gallon to a 1 gallon small batch recipe and my home brew store wrote down the ratio but i can't find the paper. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with the ratio?
  2. My first batch has been in bottles for about 8 days. Some are hard as the instructions said they would be, but others are not. Should I wait 14 days with the whole batch before I move to the next step, or are the ones that are hard ready?
  3. Thanks for the help. I have a northern brewer recipe and the reviews that i have read say that even though its a small batch kit a two gallon fermenter works best. Thanks!
  4. My friends bought me some non Mr Bee recipes. Can I still use the Mr Beer fermenter? How does it effect the beer if it does?
  5. Thanks for the replies. I didn't even think about the difference in bottle size. I think they are the same size. Thinking about doing half in glass and half in plastic just to see the difference.
  6. So I have my first batch sitting and had a few questions, a couple are definitely getting ahead of myself.... Directions say to leave brew for two weeks, but on here I saw three works better, is it the same for the bottling? I have been saving some glass bottles and was wondering if those work better to bottle than the plastic ones that come with the kit? How long did you all order replacement refills, before you started with more complex recipes?
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