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  1. After a long 6 weeks, I finally got to sip my first brew last night. Not bad! I was half-scared it was going to be screwed up since it was my first time. So proud. Sure, it was the crappy Classic American Lite but hey... I made beer! Didn't manage to snap a pic before the head started thinning. Still... Beer! I think I like this!
  2. You guys are awesome! Thanks for the advice. (Here's hoping it tastes like what I'm looking for. Aw hell, who cares if it doesn't? I'm brewing beer!)
  3. Hey there! New brewer here. I like Newcastle. I've read some old threads that suggest Englishman's Nut Brown Ale was pretty similar and I wanted to give that a try, but it looks like it was discontinued some time ago. Any suggestions for what recipe that's available now would be similar enough?
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