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  1. I just went to order the summer 4 pack from the MB site and it wouldn't let me ship it for $7.95 like advertised on the site. Instead I could select UPS Ground for the low price of $20. Have any of you seen this bait and switch before?
  2. Is it ok to boil booster? I am steeping some wheat and boosters instruction call for it to be stirred in and then brought to a boil and removed from the heat. I need to boil for 20 minutes.
  3. I brewed the Jamaica Mon a few months ago and am just now drinking them. My only wish is that I would of started another batch immediately. This is an awesome beer, I'm getting another batch going this weekend for summer nights!
  4. My first batch (Aztec) sat in the fridge for about 6 weeks. It was fairly tasty by then. I noticed a cidery taste in the bottles I had sampled in the weeks prior to that. Let it ride, it's worth it.
  5. Go with the 3-4-3 rule at least. 3 fermenting-4 carb/conditioning at room temp-3 cool conditioning(in the fridge). Rickbeer gets mad if you don't research on the website and then ask questions.
  6. Has anyone else noticed that Patriot Lager is no longer for sale on the Mr.Beer site?
  7. Amazon sells the same looking slimlines as Wally world.
  8. Hi All, I made a batch yesterday and just realized today that I forgot to stir the wort after I added it to the LBK. When I topped the LBK off I used my sprayer to fill it too the 8.5 mark so there was alot of aeration. Is it ruined?
  9. On many MB recipes, it has a suggested lagering time. What exactly is this? Is this the carbonating time at room temp prior to putting in the fridge? Thanks
  10. I had read about these on here and bought them from Amazon as well. I haven't tried them yet, but will soon.
  11. Which LME's go well with which beers for a boost in flavor? I have a few american lights and want a little more body with them and don't just want to add booster.
  12. How do you sanitize the muslin sack? do you add the hops and then sanitize it?
  13. Haha, thats exactly my point Chuck. What is the purpose of the growler?
  14. So my question is with the Mr.Beer Growlers. Can I bottle my beer as normal and condition it and then pour the bottles into the growler for transporting? I'm using the 750 ml bottles, so if I'm going to a buddies house, dump 4-5 ready to drink bottles into the growler and take them over there for taste testing?
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