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  1. Thanks everyone! One thing I've noticed since the kit was purchased for me for Christmas is the great support you get from other brewers on this site. It's great for learning the craft and makes it that much more enjoyable.
  2. So coming up this week I will bottling my first batch. Just a few questions.. I've read on other forums that you should not bottle straight from the fermentor but the beer should be siphoned into a priming bucket first? I didn't see this in the instructions, so I'm just wondering if its necessary for me to go to Wal-Mart or brewing supply store and get a plastic bucket? Should I buy the MrB wand assembly to bottle? This seems like a no brainer to avoid aeration. Aaaand lastly, glass or plastic? Thanks guys! Dan
  3. I am about one week down myself and have the same. I have some condensation building up on the inside of the top of the fermentor but from I've read on here. It's normal. I need to get a second fermentor though with another recipe to stagger the batches. This 6-8 weeks is going to kill me...haha.
  4. So I just finished putting my first batch into the fermentor. My fermentor does not fit under the spigot so while topping it off to 8.5 quarts I used my sink sprayer. This created a lot of foam in the wort. I then poured in my yeast. So, my question is...with all of that foam present in the fermentor, will there be any issues down the road you think when its finally ready to drink? Thanks. Dan
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