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  1. Ok, we just pulled them out. I guess I was thinking 2/2/2. But after reading all these posts I see that 3/4 and then fridge is better. I'll have to read about the Carafoam? We tried to not shake up the trub. Our last 3 bottles have some settling in the bottom. But not horribly. Maybe next time we will try and be more gentle! Thanks!
  2. Put our beer (American Light) into the fridge after 15 days in keg, 3wks in bottles. I got a bit impatient about what it would taste like so I cracked a bottle to taste test. 1st thing, pouring it into a glass, it didn't produce a head almost at all. Now when I cracked it open it seemed good an carbonated. And the plastic bottle with the left over is still frothy and it was really hard before opening. The beer in the glass is not clear at all? It's a pretty color, but you can't see through it. Also, it tastes extremely bitter. More so than other light beers I have tasted? I know I need two weeks in the fridge, but will it carbonate more?
  3. Thanks so much for the fast reply! That helps a lot! To really start digging my teeth in, I plan to buy a couple more kegs that way I can really see which I like the most. I have been reading past posts and realize I have lots of learning to do. I don't know many, if any, of the abbreviations and acronyms you guys use! I don't have any previous experience with beer other than drinking it! But I'm anxious to learn, and maybe my lady will buy me a few books on the matter for my fast approaching birthday! Thanks!
  4. I'm a brand new brewer (Christmas present from girlfriend), literally with my 1st Mr. Beer batch on right now (American light). With this being my 1st, I wanted to sacrifice the light mix just in case I mess it up. So far so good (3 days in...!). I'm a Coors original man. Always have been. I'm not big into beers such as Guiness, Sam Adams, Bud Light, Corona, or any other dark beers. I know, I'm picky. But I thought, eventually, I'll be able to make some mixes and broaden my beer tastes. I do like Coors Light, Miller Lite, Keystone Lite, or Budweiser if I have too. Overall, I'm having a hard time figuring out which mixes (MrBeer) that I would enjoy and gain some experience with 1st. I was wondering if anyone might have some advice as to what I should try? I EVENTUALLY want to make my own recipes and such, but I know I need lots of experience and have a long way to go till then. My next batch will be the American Lagger, and I figure I will like that one. I also have the two that came with the kit, but neither of those looks promising! Anyway, I appreciate your time and look forward to hers ring from some people with experience!
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