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  1. Update: After some thought, the cidery smell and taste bothered me, so I decided to give it one more week in the fermenter (totalling 4 weeks in the LBK). Upon testing it again with my hydrometer, I had a FG reading of 1.010 (down from 1.012), and the cidery smell was gone. Upon tasting it, the cidery flavor was gone too. I've since bottled it and now play a long waiting game (I understand the conditioning time for seasonals is significantly longer). I'm really excited about this one...the flat beer tasted fantastic! Bottom line, as patient as I have been, I've learned a great lesson in meticulous patience. Loving this obsession...always something to learn!!!
  2. It's now been 3 weeks into fermentation for the English Nut Brown, so I took my first FG reading, which came to 1.012 (OG was 1.054). I'm going to take another reading in 48 hours, but with that number, I'm thinking fermentation is damn near complete. However, my sample smelled very cidery. I know I should go more by taste than smell, but I'm a little concerned because my first 2 batches each tasted cidery as well. Granted, the first batch I only fermented for 2 weeks (I hadn't discovered this forum yet) and my 2nd batch just now reached 4 weeks bottle conditioning, but I'm still a bit nervous I'm doing something wrong to cause this. I've been quite patient as instructed by all the experienced brewers here, so I truly don't believe that's the issue...thoughts?
  3. Question regarding Rick's suggestion of taking FG readings 48 hours apart (this may be a stupid question at that): can I leave that sample in the tube for 48 hours if I cover it with foil or something similar and take the second reading with that same sample? Every oz is precious after all....hahaha
  4. Yes, lagering time is the conditioning period. The recommened time for full conditioning is 4 weeks...
  5. I put together the English Nut Brown tonight, which also presented my first opportunity to use a hydrometer. I got an OG of 1.054. I was surprised at the reading, but after thinking about it, I figured this was due to a larger amount of HME compared to other refills. Am I on the right track, or did I do something wrong (I understand most OG readings are around 1.034)?
  6. Awesome!!! Thanks fellas. I'll definitely be checking these out! If you should find or think of any others, let me know. This was a big help though. I've learned a LOT on this forum already, just hoping to soak in and learn as much as I can. I've discovered that this isn't just a hobby...it's quickly becoming an obsession!
  7. While playing the waiting game during fermentation and conditioning, I'm trying to read and learn as much as I can on brewing. What are some of the best or favorite other sites, books, etc to check out? I've visited a couple places like Brewsmith, Home Brew Talk, Beer Advocate and a couple others. It can be a bit overwhelming, so I was hoping to see what folks on this forum like to use. Thanks!
  8. Packer "fan" is putting it lightly haha. I live in Michigan, but everyone within a block radius knows where my rooting interests are come Sunday. They think I'm nuts....but I can't blame them. They've been watching the Lions so they have no idea what it's like to have something to really cheer for haha
  9. Do you guys prefer the long necks with the crown caps or the 16 oz bottles with the swing top?
  10. I haven't brewed that one, but if it included a spice packet, I think that it's a good guess that the pieces came from that. Especially if you didn't notice those pieces when you were done putting it all together. I'd let it ride...
  11. Thanks Jerry. One other question...did you rehydrate the yeast as the packet said, or did you just follow the MB instructions and pitch it straight from the packet?
  12. I recently ordered the Saison and Nut Brown seasonal brews. Given that the amount of HME in the seasonal brews are larger than other refills, I'm concerned with more active fermentation that could lead to my LBK losing its top, so to speak. Am I over thinking this? If you've made one of these, what was your experience?
  13. I'm very new at this too (sampling my first brew tonight in fact), but I do know that you only need to use one or the other for carbination. I myself used sugar, and from what I gathered, that seems to be the preference for most brewers on the forum. However, it also sounds like it doesn't make too much of a difference and is really up to your personal preference. Good luck and have fun!! I'm already hopelessly addicted to this!!
  14. I love this community thing! I'm a new brewer too and have been addicted to these forums. Not only am I learning a lot but it gets me even more excited. I'm beginning my "palate training" tonight by trying one of my beers from my first batch at the 2 week mark of conditioning. I never would have thought to do that without the advice of all the experienced brewers. Thanks you guys!!!
  15. I tasted it again and think I was over analyzing it. It smells a touch cidery but the taste was pretty good. Looking forward to 4 weeks from now to actually drink it!
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