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  1. Tried to use the search for answers but doesn't seem to be working. If there are other threads with similar questions please forward. Getting ready to bottle my third batch. First batch Pilsner was pretty good at first but then after reading through several threads I waited a couple weeks and it has gotten much better, as promised. 2 Week LBK, 2 Week Condition and 2 Weeks in the fridge. Carbonation and head was a little light on the first bottle but seemed to improve after a couple more weeks. Second Batch, Azteca Cervesa just went to the fridge after a two week room temp conditioning-reading that three weeks may be a better answer. Question #1: Will the yeast "Re-activate" if I take it out of the fridge and condition for another week? Sounds silly but figure its worth the ask. Question #2: Are there any filtering suggestions for the last bottle or two. The last two bottles on the first two batches are getting a bit of sediment. Or should I just bottle until I get to the sediment and discard the remaining brew? Thanks and looking forward to getting the basics down and moving on to some more aggressive recipes, in due time. CHEERS!!
  2. Finally dove in and started my first batch just after Christmas. Oh the agony of waiting! Looking for events/activity in the Hampton Roads area. Keep me posted. Cheers!
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