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  1. Your right, "insanity", your OK but if you don't have the Hydrometer leave it in the LBK for three weeks before bottling to be completely sure its fully fermented.
  2. About a month and a half for bigger batches about 3 months to AG.
  3. Congats, my first AG was a night mare too! Paid TOO much attention to detail, digital temp setup dove into the boil, I thought I had it back working, because of that I added 2.5 hours to the brewday, thought I pitched the yeast at 82 deg., new fermenting bucket and forgot to get temp strip, put on ice in the basement and put the yeast to sleep, once I added the thermometer strip! Long story short, this was kegged and carbed on 12 lbs CO2, It came out awesome from grain to glass in 3.5 weeks! Simple Blonde SMaSH, Maris Otter malt and Liberty hop.
  4. What Zorak said! I started with 1 Mr Beer kit on Dec. 27th. I now have multiple fermenters, bottling apparatus, kegging equipment, BIAB supplies, All Grain mash tun, multiple brew kettles and setups. WELCOME TO THE OBSESSION!
  5. Your good Lancerdad, the only think that will happen is you won't pick up as much flavor from the fruit from the fermentation blowing out the flavor along with CO2. BE SURE to keep the temperature of the wort under 70 deg. preferably 66-68.
  6. Brian, I think it came out around 6.2%, don't have that access right now, but I use Q-Brew for my recipes and batch notes.
  7. Have 2 right now that are 3 and 4 months in the bottle, better today than they were even ONE month ago!
  8. Pretty hard to overpitch with one 11 mg packet! That said I would rather overpitch than underpitch and have an unfinished, yeast stressed beer. I have done 5 gallon batches using a full US-05 AND the MR Beer fromunda and came away with very clean crisp beers! The only issue I see is it cost you an extra couple bucks!
  9. I did a 4.25 Gallon batch back in February came out very nice! 1 Can Bewitched Amber 2 lbs Sparkling Amber DME 2 lbs Crystal 40 steeped .5 lb Honey Malt steeped .5 oz Citra @ 40 .5 oz Citra @ 5 Dry hopped with 1 oz Citra after 2 weeks fermenting
  10. Just used some Vienna in a Pils I did Sunday, wanted to use some Biscuit but LHBS was out. He told me to munch on some of the Vienna grain for an idea of taste, I will be using it again!
  11. Good for you and yes it is an obsession! I brewed my first Mr Beer 12/27/2013, have 2 LBK's, 3 slimlines converted to fermenters, 2 6.5 Gallon Ale Pails, among grain equipment and have progressed to 5 gallon All Grain brews and kegging. Sunday brewed 5.5 gallons of batch #10 "North Port Pils", partial extract & mash!
  12. First disregard the 2 weeks stuff, if your not using a hydrometer for Original and Finish gravities leave your fermenter alone for three weeks and after bottling don't bother with them for at least 4 weeks, they take a minimum of two weeks to carbonate and two to finish conditioning at room temp. Only then go ahead and put what you will drink into the fridge for 2-3 days to let the carbonation absorb back into the beer and the trub to settle out.
  13. Diablo weight 2.86 craft refills are bigger, 1.87 lbs CAL, also with hops you add the Diablo@5 mins 1oz and CAL @5 mins 1oz and pellet. 1.089 OG and 1.022 FG.
  14. I used QBrew the hops were the last 5 minutes of boiling the water then added the HME's. I split the hope into two sacks put the hopsacks into the LBK's. I did split between 2 fermenters, very active I think it would have blown the top off if it was all in one. Check to make sure the batch size is set for 2.13 gallon. OG and FG were right there at brew and bottle time. I think it actually came out at 8.5%. This one has by far been the best tasting one at bottling time.
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