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  1. Darn it. My slimline didnt come with the fancy waves on the side of it. Im taking it back.
  2. Watch it now. There could be children reading this forum. There shouldnt be, but you never know.
  3. My Howling Red ale finally matured. It's yummy. Will definitely be brewing this one again.
  4. I ordered one a couple months ago & it has a spring. Maybe you should call customer service & see if they sent you a bad one.
  5. They had it posted on facebook for a couple days. But I can understand if some of you arent on facebook. took a year off of it last year & didnt miss it at all. Somehow my account got reactivavted while ordering something online.
  6. I just made a 12 cup pot of coffee. Used 4 scoops instead of 2.5 which is what i usually use.1/8 cup scoops. Boiled 16 oz of that & mixed in the priming sugar. I did cool it down befor putting it into the slimline. I have made the irish stout with smooth lme without the added coffee, & it did not taste like this that soon, so it did make a noticeable difference. I was going off the sunday mornin coming down recipe & it says use a shot (1-1.75 oz) of espresso or strong coffee per one liter bottle. So I used that example.
  7. I got a wild hair yesterday & put a couple bottles in the fridge yesterday afternoon. Not 4 weeks till sunday. Let them cool a couple hours. Opened them up & let my wife have the first sip. Her reaction was "wow!!!". I will definitely be making this one again. I will leave the rest alone until their time, but they are already yummy. Made a pot of coffee using 4 scoops. Used 16 ounces of the coffee as my batch priming solution. The rest went down the drain. Used smooth lme instead of robust because thats what I had. This one is a winner in my book.
  8. That's what I call dedication to your hobbie, and knowing the value of a good beer. "Blood, schmudd. I'll still have some left when I'm finished bottling. Then we can go to the ER."
  9. Im kinda the set it & forget it type. Thats why I opted for dorm coolers with temp control with cool & heat. Dont want to have to continually be monitoring the temps. Unfortunately, the temps down here are too hot to just leave it in a room. Then too cold every once in a while. They're in the garage. And basements? What the heck are basements?
  10. I have two converted dorm coolers. Enough room for 2 lbks and about 1 Case of conditioning bottles. I really need to score a regular size fridge. Good thing is, swmbo agrees with me.
  11. Its against federal law to grow & sell pot too, but some states seem to be cool with it & nobody is getting arrested for it there.
  12. I've had something like this before. During a beer tasting party we had last spring. It was yummy. It went well with the guiness stout, draft, and foreign
  13. Maybe one or two basic refills with low ABV. Not the whole refill, just 12 ouncers.
  14. If you don't drink while bottling or brewing, all of your existing bottled beer will explode. I read that on the internet so it must be true
  15. Find something else to occupy your time. Knitting, hang gliding. Something like that.
  16. Buy two of them. They like to commit suicide.
  17. Start buying bottles that come with free beer in them. No twist offs though. Then you will only loose 12 ounces at a time. This is good when giving away samples. And dont expect to get the empty bottle back either.
  18. You could use some old caps from soda bottles to cap and sanitize the bottles, & dunk the new caps in a bowl of sanitizing solution. The seal would not be broken then. But they can be reused about 3 to 5 times so the seal will be broken after the first use.
  19. Hey, it's been working so far.
  20. I find nowadays when I try a new beer, that I dont really like, I analyze it & try to figure out what part about it I dont like. Before, I would just not like a beer , & that was it. Homebrewing has changed me. I also find the more I analyze a beer I think I dont like, I start to find things I do like about it. Go figure.... For example, I had never drank Fat tire before until last night. Im still in the analyzing stages.
  21. Been doing this for a little over a year now. Got away from the forum for a while because I got a kinda overwhelmed with added responsibilities at work. That has mellowed out thank goodness. I have finally moved up to recipies. Started with wake me up sunday morning stout. That is still conditioning. Gonna do the howling red ale this weekend. My first hopp addition. Anyway. I just want to thank all the veterans for all the tips & support. Not that I have posted alot, but have been reading alot. Cheers to you my brothers in beer.
  22. Cheers. I didnt refrigerate enough of my own so im drinking fat tire tonight.
  23. From what I read, somebody spiked it with crocodile bile. They say its some pretty bad stuff. http://www.leaderpost.com/Crocodile+bile+laced+beer+kills+people/10724290/story.html
  24. Dump your beer? Don't make us call the beer police on you. It could get very ugly.
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